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Join our seminars and webinars and get inspiration for your marketing strategy. If your field is B2B, B2C or e-commerce, you can get new knowledge and inspiration on SEO, Google Ads, SoMe, Lead Generation, Marketing automation and much more.

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We keep you up-to-date with the latest digital knowledge and professionalise your company's work with SEO, Google Ads, SoMe, lead generation and marketing automation. See our current events in the calendar and join our free seminars and webinars held by leading specialists.

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Seminars and webinars

Current events

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Webinars On-demand

On this page you can watch and re-watch various webinars we have held in the past. During the different webinars we dive into emer that can strengthen your knowledge in relevant areas


SEO in 2023: trends and tendencies


Henning Madsen presents you with the latest and most relevant methods and strategies for SEO in 2023.


Learn to track and analyze data in Google Ads and Meta


Alexander Kobberø explains how you can lead your digital marketing department to success with data.


How to create great content across the B2B customer journey


Content production can be a complex discipline to navigate. What seems to work yesterday may not work today. In the past, quantity and variety were key, but today relevance and quality are more important than ever.


SEO - SEM Synergies: make the most of the interaction


The webinar will give you an insight into how the two disciplines affect each other and what buttons you can turn to achieve, among other things, better click rates and more relevant traffic.


B2C SEO Strategy in a Recession


In this B2C SEO webinar, Henning Madsen tackles the hard facts and explains why SEO is an absolutely necessary part of an agile marketing budget in a modern world.


Dynamic marketing


The idea behind Dynamic Marketing is to capture demand when it is there and where there is the greatest likelihood of a conversion. Watch our webinar and learn how to get the most out of your ad dollars using dynamic marketing.


How to turn data into business insights in Google Analytics


The webinar is aimed at those who want to understand how to turn data into business strategy and create value from the right data.


The best SEO hacks for your content strategy


This webinar is aimed at both seasoned content marketers and those who want inspiration on how to get started with an insightful content strategy.


SEO strategy for B2B in 2022


In this Inbound Masterclass, Henning addresses Business to Business and explains why SEO is an absolutely necessary part of a modern B2B media budget.


How to sharpen your B2B digital growth journey in 2022


Download our webinar and kick-start your digital growth journey. Create the best business conditions to execute your strategy across channels and markets.


Operational SEO webinar


The webinar is for those who already have a good handle on SEO, but need concrete knowledge on how to take your SEO efforts to the next level.


SEO Strategy 2021 for B2B & B2C


Gives you the opportunity to journey with Henning Madsen into the world of SEO, where you will gain a strategic understanding of Google as a sales channel.

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What participants say


Super important and exciting communication of the areas of action I need to prioritise. At Berlingske, we are seeing increasing demands from our advertisers, and by strengthening our SEO efforts, we can ensure them a higher return on their campaigns.


Professionally solid seminar. Easy to understand and good metaphors. Thank you for taking the time to answer questions - and for keeping the number of participants at a level that ensured there was room for immersion and interaction.


Super seminar at eye level with a good progression. The new survey showing when it makes sense for us to address SEO so that efforts are prioritised correctly and profitability is highest was very interesting.

Meet your trainers

Google Marketing Specialists

With professional passion, humour and commitment, we have been teaching for more than 20 years with one goal in mind: to ensure the success of businesses - large and small - across the country through data-driven Google Marketing strategies. We are specialists in SEO and Google Ads.

The starting point for our training is a solid understanding of your business, your target audience and your objectives, so that we can provide concrete actions to ensure the best results for your business. We will be measured on your success and the value we create together.


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Do you need help with your Google Marketing efforts, or are you considering whether it makes sense for your company to focus on SEO and Google Ads? Contact Henning Madsen and have a dialogue about your project.

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