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Are you facing a specific challenge or wondering whether it makes sense for your business to invest in SEO or Google Ads and which areas to prioritise? Book a free half-hour consultation with our specialists so we can help you get started.

You will receive concrete, solution-oriented guidance and get to know us, so you can better assess us as your possible future partner. The consultation assumes that your company has an online marketing budget of at least DKK 120,000 per year.


The consultation can take place by phone or as a video meeting. You are very welcome to invite key staff from your company. You will get the most out of the consultation if you have prepared questions, challenges and objectives in advance.

The consultation may be combined with - or followed by - a Business Casewhich provides an objective calculation of your company's financial return on investment in Google. We look forward to hearing from you and getting to know your business.

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Fill in the form here. We will then contact you to arrange a time and ask about the subject matter of the consultation.

    About the consultation

    How can you help my business?

    We are a specialised Google Marketing agency with expertise in search engine optimisation (SEO) and Google Ads. For example, we can help and guide your business if you:

    • has lost market share to competitors on Google
    • want more sales, customer referrals, sign-ups and downloads
    • want to improve the yield and profitability of your ad campaigns
    • working with an SEO or Google Ads agency, but the results are not there
    • wants greater synergy between SEO and Google Ads in the customer journey
    • need to relaunch your website and don't want to lose visitor traffic in the process
    • want to expand your business to new markets in the Nordic region.

    Do I commit to anything after the consultation?

    No. The consultation is 100 % non-binding. You decide what you want to do with our professional advice and recommendations.


    Get in touch

    Do you have questions about our consultation or need help with your Google Marketing efforts? Contact Martino d'Apuzzo for a no-obligation consultation.

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