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When you visit our website and when you actively fill in a form on the website, we collect a range of information about you and your behaviour on the website. We use the information to process your request and for statistical purposes, such as to see how many visitors we have on the website. We are aware that your information must be treated with respect for the confidentiality of the information and for your privacy.

Below we have explained what information we collect and the purpose of the collection. We will keep your information for as long as we are either legally obliged to do so, or for as long as is relevant to the purpose for which the information was collected.

This Privacy Policy was last updated on 14 August 2020.


The website is owned and published by:

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Contact: Lasse Grubbe


The website uses cookies, which is a text file stored on your computer, tablet or mobile device for the purpose of recognising your device, remembering your settings and performing anonymised visitor statistics. Cookies cannot contain harmful files such as viruses. It is possible to delete and block cookies.

In our cookie policy you can see a description of the data storage we use in our cookies and read how you can change your cookie settings at any time. If you delete cookies, you may find that the website does not function optimally and that there is content that you can no longer access.

Data collection

Personal data

Personal data is any information that can be attributed to an individual. When you use our website, we collect and process some of this information. We also collect information when you fill in a contact form, a registration form or a download form.

Contact forms

When you use a contact form on the website, the information you have entered is stored and sent to our email system so that we can respond to your enquiry. Contact forms are not used for marketing, newsletter sign-ups or similar purposes without your request, and your data is not shared outside the organisation without your consent.

Registration forms

When you sign up for a newsletter, seminar, webinar, consultation, business case or similar, the information you have entered is stored and sent to our mail system and CRM system so that we can process your registration. Your data will not be forwarded outside the organisation without it being necessary and having your approval.

Download forms

When you download something - for example our SEO book - the information you have entered is stored and sent to our mail system and CRM system so that we can process your download. If a download form is also used to subscribe to a newsletter, this is clearly indicated in the download form.

Analytical tools

In order to provide us with insights into the behaviour of visitors to our website, we use the following analytics tools: Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, LinkedIn Insights and Leadfeeder. We typically collect and process the following information: technical information about your computer, tablet or phone, IP address, geographical location (country and city area), visit duration and which pages you click on. The collection only happens as long as you are on our website.

Data processors

We use a number of third parties to store and process information. These process information solely on our behalf and may not use it for their own purposes. We only use data processors in the EU and in countries that can provide your information with adequate protection.

HandlerFunctionData sharing
Google AnalyticsWeb statisticsanonymised visitor statistics for inboundcph.dk
LinkedIn InsightsWeb statisticsanonymised visitor statistics for inboundcph.dk
Lead FeederWeb statisticsIP address and visitor statistics for inboundcph.dk
Gmail for BusinessMail handlingname, e-mail and mail content
Active CampaignNewsletter broadcastname, e-mail, job title, company and telephone number
CopperCustomer relationship managementname, e-mail, contact history and job title, company and phone number, if applicable
TwentyThreeWebinar maintenancename and e-mail

Data storage


We process your personal data securely and confidentially in accordance with applicable law, including the GDPR. Your information will only be used for the purpose for which it was collected and will be deleted once that purpose has been fulfilled.

We have taken technical and organisational measures against your data being accidentally or unlawfully deleted, published, lost, impaired or coming to the knowledge of unauthorised persons, misused or otherwise processed in breach of the law.

Data retention length

The data is kept for the period permitted by law and we delete it when it is no longer needed. The period depends on the nature of the information and the reason for storage. It is therefore not possible to give a general timeframe for when information is deleted.

Analytical data is archived indefinitely to view and track our online growth and improve our website and marketing efforts.

Data protection procedures

In the event of a data breach, all affected parties will be contacted within 72 hours with details of the data lost and instructions on what to do about it. Our first priority in such a situation is to close the security breach in order to create the least possible loss of data for those affected.

Data rights

Export and deletion of data

You have the right to access the data we hold about you. You can ask to receive a file containing the personal data we hold about you. You can also ask us to delete all personal data, except any data that we are obliged to keep for administrative, legal or security reasons. Please contact the data controller via the email indicated at the top of this page.


You can complain to Data Protection Authority about our processing of your data if you believe that the processing is in breach of the GDPR.

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