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Online marketing is marketing activities that all take place online on the Internet. In this article, you will learn about the concept of online marketing and its opposite, offline marketing.


What is online marketing?

Online marketing is marketing on the Internet. The whole purpose of online marketing is to promote a company, its products, services or a particular message to potential customers using the Internet. For example, when a user uses Google, a social media site or something else on the computer, the user may be exposed to marketing.

The opposite of online marketing is, offline marketing. As it is written in the words, the online part is - internet marketing (i.e. online) while offline marketing is anything but web marketing. Examples include events, bus ads and flyers, radio just to name a few possibilities.

Nowadays, almost no company can avoid promoting itself online, as there are a lot of advantages to choosing an online channel. Among other things, it can be difficult with many forms of offline marketing to track what value the marketing campaign actually provided versus what was paid for it. For example, if you bought an ad in a print newspaper or physical weekly, it can be difficult to measure directly how many purchases, how much interest, etc. came from it.

For the sake of clarity, we will list different forms of online marketing below:

SEO and online marketing

SEO stands for search engine optimization and is about search engine optimise your websiteso that your website appears as one of the top pages on Google, for example, when people search for a product that you have online.

A very good example of the importance of SEO is that if you work with SEO in the right way, it will be equivalent to having one of the best physical locations on Strøget - you know the areas where there is a lot of traffic and thus more visits and customers in the shops. Conversely, if you don't work with SEO, it's like having your business in a backyard, where it's more or less random which visitors and how many purchases go through in a day.

It is possible to work with SEO yourself, for example by taking an online marketing course. However, there is a big difference between mastering SEO and achieving mediocre results, and since this form of marketing is almost a world of its own, with many technical issues constantly innovating, many companies use a digital SEO agency.

Social media and online marketing

Examples of social media include Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter, which are probably some of the most popular. Here, many people spend countless hours every month being social with others online.

This makes these media a perfect place to advertise your messages. There are different ways to do this, and the prices of advertisement is also available in several different levels. For example, prices for advertising on Facebook are lower than prices for advertising on LinkedIn.

Google ads and online marketing

Google Ads is a third form of online marketing. A bit like SEO, it's about being visible in Google search results. The only difference is that Google Ads are paid ads that sit at the top. Some SEO agencies also help companies like Google Ads, as there are advantages in bringing the two activities together under one roof.

There are many more forms of online marketing. The above was just to give an insight into what the concept means and how the different options work.

INBOUNDCPH is a Copenhagen-based agency that helps companies grow their business through SEO and Google Ads. If you need help, you are more than welcome to contact us.


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