A webshop is a shop on the Internet. Here, webshop customers can shop online from their computer, phone or tablet. On the webshop, customers select the goods they want to buy, pay for them and choose a shipping method to have the goods sent to their home.


How to start a webshop?

Many people go with the idea of starting a webshop! We can understand that. That's why we've put together this guide, listing some of the things you should consider.

What should your webshop be called?

You might as well start thinking about what to call your webshop. Before it can go online, it needs a domain name. A domain name is the name your potential customers type on their phone, computer or tablet when they want to visit your webshop. For example, it could be www.ilva.dk.

Webshop solution / platform

There are different solutions for running a webshop. You can either create your own webshop, if you have some experience in design and development. You can get started relatively easily using platforms such as Shopify and WooCommerce.

Alternatively, you can get a web agency to design one for you, where you either pay a monthly fee or a larger lump sum and then own all the rights yourself. The price of a webshop depends very much on the solution and platform you choose, so it's a good idea to research the market and not just take the first and best offer.

Payment solutions

Before your customers can pay for the goods they put in the basket on your webshop, you need to have a payment agreement (redemption agreement / payment gateway). It's a bit of a must if you want to get money in the till 🙂 There are different providers, such as Nets and Stripe.


If you don't produce your own goods, you'll need a supplier too, of course. The way to find one is through trade fairs, a Google search, a supplier agent or perhaps through your network. The supplier is a very good idea to have in place before starting your webshop.


The goods your customers buy must, of course, be shipped to their homes. Since they shop online, you automatically have a geographically larger customer base and it will be impossible for most webshop owners to ship the goods themselves. There are various shipping companies, such as GLS, DAO and Postnord. There are also some webshops that make use of dropshipping, which means that the goods are sent directly from the manufacturer. You will not have a warehouse as customers only order through you - the goods are sent from your supplier.


If you are sending a physical item, it must be packed securely. Otherwise, you risk it breaking in transit. Depending on what you are selling, you can use a cardboard box with flamingo balls, cardboard or a webshop bag with bubble wrap. Try doing a Google search for packaging and you'll see lots of options pop up.


Of course, there is also marketing. It's not enough to think about launching your webshop and thinking that customers are queuing up. If your webshop is not marketed, it is like opening a shop in a locked basement = nobody knows it exists. There are many different forms of marketing. At Inbound CPH we help businesses grow through SEO and Google Ads. Other advertising options may include Facebook advertising and newsletters.

Read more about webshop optimisation.


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