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As a marketing manager, you are probably used to regularly reporting the department's results to management. The ongoing progress and how your department contributes to the overall strategy. But what do you do if you suddenly discover that your competitors have started to move forward and steal traffic and visitors from the search results?

When the competitors come

At the start of 2021, Lomax found himself in exactly that situation. Lomax is the market leader in office supplies and their competitor had scaled up their SEO efforts. The competitor had overtaken Lomax and had begun to steal important organic traffic on key keywords.

In a highly competitive market, on both organic and paid traffic, Lomax stood to lose visibility, future earnings and all-important market share. A situation that was not desirable in a market with high growth due to the covid-19 pandemic and the many new home workplaces that all needed office supplies.



The objective for Lomax was to regain the lost keyword positions and then improve the positions of 80 key keywords so that they could confirm their role as the market leader.



The process started with a thorough benchmark and performance analysis of the keywords that were important for the category and the core business. After this, the 80 best search terms were selected based on the criteria traffic, turnover and efficiency on which Lomax should be visible.



Through a targeted SEO strategy, Lomax has managed to keep the positions afterwards and overtake the competitors. For Lomax, this means that they can confirm their position as market leaders and in this way they manage to have a strong foundation for future growth.

The process – a focus on the core business

In collaboration with Lomax, InboundCPH created a new SEO strategy. Objective was to first regain the lost keyword positions and then improve the positions of 80 key keywords that defined the category. If successful, Lomax could confirm their role as market leader.

The strategy was created on the basis of a thorough benchmark and performance analysis of the keywords that were important for the category and the core business. In total, 80 keywords were selected based on how much traffic they generated, how much revenue they generated and how effective they were in acquiring new customers. The strategy had to be supported by both content and proactive outreach in the form of new links.

The result

The project ran over 8 months with regular status meetings where the effort was evaluated. The benchmark and performance analysis showed that there was an estimated traffic of 1,500,000 monthly searches on the selected keywords. Due to the rise of the competitor, Lomax averaged 46th place in the organic searches. Which equates to a spot on page 7 of the search results. A place where few people come. Here, 8 months later, Lomax is in an average position of 7.8 – in the middle of the first page. A sixfold increase in the visibility of the category-defining keywords.

Converted to estimated traffic, the change in the positions of the 80 keywords has meant an increase in organic traffic from 1,100 visitors per day to as many as 4,000 visitors per day. A quadrupling of the organic traffic corresponding to potentially over a million more visitors annually.

Together with Inbound CPH, Lomax has, through a targeted SEO strategy, managed to keep the positions afterwards and outpace the competitor. For Lomax, this means that they can confirm their position as market leaders when they are clearly present on the key keywords that define the office supplies category. Precisely that position gives Lomax a strong foundation for future growth.


The collaboration with InboundCPH has been absolutely terrific. The weekly follow-up meetings have created security in the collaboration and clarification of the process. InboundCPH has provided insightful knowledge and has, among other things, functioned as an invaluable sparring partner in the work to strengthen our online visibility.

Tours Alsvik

SEO Manager


I would without hesitation recommend InboundCPH to anyone looking to grow their online business. Therefore, we will also in the future use InboundCPH as an external consultant on SEO and for the delivery of various online marketing services.

Tours Alsvik

SEO Manager

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Next step

Continued cooperation

The collaboration started in April 2021, and already after the first quarter there were great results on the individual keywords and an increased digital visibility. The collaboration was therefore extended to include additional keywords, areas and categories. Subsequently, the keyword portfolio has been regularly expanded and new keyword analyzes have been added.

The result of the continued collaboration is that Lomax has continuously grown organically, which has reduced the dependence on paid channels. In addition, the work has resulted in Lomax continuing to expand market shares on Google in both classic categories and new areas, e.g. corona-related protective equipment.

Thanks to a structured, detailed and continuous SEO strategy, Lomax has managed to grow in a digital age and maintain critical market shares in everything for the office.



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