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A company with momentum

 United Fintech was founded in November 2020. But despite their relatively short lifespan, they continue to operate with offices in Copenhagen, London, New York, Berlin, Madrid and Romania. United Fintech invests in small and medium-sized Fintech companies around the world, and scales them under the brand "United Fintech" - a wild journey that InboundCPH has been on since July 2021, when they launched their website.

“I believe quite a lot in link building. I have not sat down and done link building myself before. So I needed someone who could take one of my weaknesses and lift it up. And I have to say that link building just works. Although I would like to take on the task myself, it just requires some other skills, as it is a very network-based thing. You have to have many contacts to get the right links - and you have that at InboundCPH". - Casper Rouchmann

Overtaking major competitor

Despite the relatively short collaboration between United Fintech and InboundCPH, one of their portfolio companies has overtaken a major competitor in the market: "The competitor has existed for many years, but already in one year, we have achieved a higher domain rating, higher ranking on key keywords, more keywords and more traffic in general."

At the same time, United Fintech itself has started to rank on page 1 on Google, on some of the most important keywords, which is exactly what they wanted from the collaboration.


An agile collaboration 

When United Fintech invests in other Fintech companies, they take great care that the companies are not "eaten". The founders behind it have enormous knowledge in their field, which United Fintech would like to retain: "We give the companies an opportunity to keep their own company and identity within our "house". And that is a bit unique.”

The need for help with SEO therefore applied not only to United Fintech as a company, but also to their portfolio companies, which can occasionally be a challenge: “I had a talk with Henning (Head of SEO) about, for example, an insurance company, which may only have 10 specific keywords. I have almost 10 keywords for each company, so I have maybe 40 (for now). Therefore, it is a little more difficult for me to say; this is all i need. Because I really want to make sure that they are all found at something they can do. Of course, it's not always easy. But that is the way we have chosen to do it.”

The collaboration between United Fintech and InboundCPH therefore requires a certain agility, as United Fintech does not know when they are buying new companies or how many: “We made our contract with Martino (Senior Digital Advisor) in due course, and usually you have some standard contracts that you follow. But because our business model is so different, we made a contract that could be adjusted on an ongoing basis.”

An industry with great development potential 

Many of United Fintech's competitors have never heard of SEO – Casper believes it is because of the relatively complex topics in the industry: "The competitors don't know what SEO is, they don't know what Google Ads is either. They have heard of Facebook, but they don't know that you can advertise via Facebook. So the competition isn't that tough in that way – it's more about identifying where we need to attack."

The potential for creating visibility for United Fintech and their portfolio companies is therefore great. It's all about marketing them correctly, which is a journey InboundCPH is lucky enough to be a part of. According to Casper, there is still a long way to go and a lot to work on:

"Now we have created a foundation that is about reaching out broadly, and must now focus even more on hitting slightly more long-tail keywords, which are more niche focused, where we can really get some value for money. So the collaboration is not going to stop just yet".


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