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This is how Atea increased their turnover by DKK 160 million. DKK

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60 million DKK

additional revenue from Google year 1 across the whole of Atea

100 million DKK

additional revenue from Google year 2 across the whole of Atea

56,98 %

more visitors from Google

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Realization of great untapped potential

In 2018, Atea decided to make SEO a central part of the marketing effort, but with a complex webshop with more than 250,000 product pages, it was no easy task. Atea therefore decided to find external help. Among several agencies, the choice fell on InboundCPH, and Allan Bo Christiansen, eCommerce Manager at Atea, explains why:

"The primary reason was InboundCPH's solution-oriented approach and good handling of the dialogue. InboundCPH demonstrated business understanding, great commitment and a high degree of flexibility. InboundCPH also had some good cases, but they bet everything and went all in, and I really liked that. It was what I was looking for and what Atea needed”.

The collaboration started and after identifying the growth areas and setting the framework to create the best results, the effort was executed in close collaboration between Atea and InboundCPH. The result is unmistakable: 56.98 % more visitors from Google and a three-digit million amount in additional revenue from Google after two years of cooperation.

Education and knowledge sharing across seven countries

The SEO collaboration between InboundCPH and Atea forms the basis for continuous training of employees across seven countries, so that the successful results stem from the Danish branch of Atea.

"The SEO collaboration across countries has contributed to a new approach from our strategic managers. More focus is being placed on spreading knowledge sharing and idea development internally throughout Atea, and it is clear that this has a positive effect on the bottom line.", explains Camilla Schmidt Nygaard, Digital Business Developer at Atea. Camilla is responsible for the daily contact with the various departments in Atea and has helped to create synergy groups which help the digital departments to share experiences.



The overall objective of the SEO collaboration was to increase brand awareness and create more sales online. Atea did not have a concrete expectation of the dividend in advance, but knew, according to Allan Bo Christiansen, that "there must be potential here".



The process has included advice and execution across several departments and countries. In addition to content optimization and link building, an important area of effort has been technical optimization in collaboration with Atea's Swedish development team.



In addition to a large increase in turnover, the collaboration between InboundCPH and Atea has contributed to knowledge sharing across national borders. Today, Atea's SEO initiatives are centralized in Denmark, and the experiences from this are shared in six European countries.


160 million in additional revenue with organic traffic from Google

 Watch the video, where Atea's eCommerce Manager, Allan Bo Christiansen, and Digital Business Developer, Camilla Schmidt Nygaard, tell what SEO and the collaboration with InboundCPH have meant for Atea. The video was recorded in 2021. We have a continued collaboration today.

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I'm glad you guys aren't on commission - shouldn't we just put it that way?

I did not dare to dream that we had reached where we have reached today. There is no doubt that the enormous growth is due to the cooperation we have had with you and the good interaction between you, us and our web developers. I'm glad you guys aren't on commission - shouldn't we just put it that way?

Allan Bo Christiansen

eCommerce Manager


We have had many customers who find us on Google and place a large order.

We've gotten so many visitors from Google and such a big online presence that we're looking at whether we need access to extra servers because it's just taking off - in a positive way. We have had many customers who find us on Google and place a large order for, for example, 500 computers.

Allan Bo Christiansen

eCommerce Manager


We can feel a big difference in how our people consider SEO in their work.

We can notice a big difference in how our people consider SEO in their work across departments and countries. Those in various aspects of IT are really starting to consider SEO and Google in a way they never have before.

Allan Bo Christiansen

eCommerce Manager

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Continued cooperation

Two years of close cooperation have broadened the horizons for both parties. Allan Bo Christiansen, eCommerce Manager at Atea, explains here why the collaboration with InboundCPH has the prospect of continuing for many years to come:

"It is the good interaction between us, your high level of professionalism and insight into our business that makes us want to work even more closely with you in the future. The collaboration creates growth and lots of new opportunities for us."

"With all the interest hours you spend, it makes us want to carry out even more efforts with you, with each passing month. We greatly appreciate that when we collaborate with you, we only pay for what creates value for us."


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