WWW (World Wide Web)

Every page on your website has a URL that may contain the text WWW. It is important for your search engine optimisation (SEO) work that your URLs can only be accessed either with or without WWW.


What is the WWW?

WWW is an abbreviation for World Wide Web. It is used on the part of the Internet that contains websites and web pages. To visit a website or a page on it, enter a URL in your internet browser. Many URLs contain WWW, but the text may be omitted.

Use URLs either with or without WWW

Google interprets "https://www.eksempel.dk" (with WWW) and "https://eksempel.dk" (without WWW) as two different domains. In other words, if your website can be accessed both with and without WWW, you distribute the SEO-value on two domains, and you risk being penalised by Google for duplicate contentbecause the same content exists on two domains.

Make sure your website can only be accessed either with or without WWW. You can do this by creating a 301-redirect from one version to another. It has no SEO impact whether you choose the version with or without the www, but if you have an existing domain, you should choose the version that most people link to, because that way you retain as much of the links' SEO value as possible.

You should also take into account your target audience. If your target audience are habitual internet users, they are used to typing web addresses without WWW. On the other hand, if your target audience is older and less used to the Internet, the version with www is often a more appropriate choice. Several of the biggest websites such as Google, Facebook, Wikipedia and Yahoo all use WWW.

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