Reputation management

Reputation management is about protecting or enhancing a company's reputation online. For example, when users search for a product, brand or company name on Google, positive publicity (rather than negative publicity) should ideally appear at the top of the search results - reputation management helps with this.


What is reputation management?

Reputation management is also called ORM, which is short for online reputation management. This means that the focus is on the online reputation of the company.

For example, if an acquaintance tells you that he has had a bad experience with a certain company, you will most likely choose to go to another company that can offer you the same product or service.

If you search for a product online and negative comments are the first thing to appear on Google about a particular company, you are likely to go to another company that offers the same product or service.

Today, many people share both positive and negative experiences online about their experiences with various companies. When it comes to negative reviews, there is an increasing tendency for the people behind them to want to damage the reputation of the company in question, and therefore try to spread the unpleasant message as widely as possible without any filter.

What makes it particularly critical on the Internet is that the bad publicity about the company is not something that is said now and then and then disappears again. When it's bad publicity that's written on the web and that can risk being online forever - if there's no focus on ORM. The effort may well be on social media, but one of the most essential methods is search engine optimisation.

Reputation and SEO strategy

Through search engine optimisation, a company can ensure that when its product, brand or company name is searched, articles and websites that mention that company positively appear - at the top of the search results.

This removes the focus on bad publicity. Part of this work can include creating websites or blogs with positive publicity for the product, brand or company name in question - or the individuals who make sense to position in a positive way.

Reputation management software tools

There are several techniques to monitor and change the number of positive and negative stories about a company in search results.

However, this usually requires a good deal of experience, which is why most companies choose to have this work done by an agency that has tried it many times before and therefore knows the tools that work.

Get help with reputation management

We can help you boost your presence on Google by highlighting positive mentions, moving negative mentions further down Google and reducing the number of people who see negative mentions. Contact us for a dialogue on how we can help your business.

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