A persona is a fictional character that you have created from facts about your customers. You should use your persona to target all your marketing to him/her. This way, you will target your messages to match your customers' needs.


What is a persona template?

We have briefly informed you about what a persona is in our introduction at the top of this post. To put it in a few more words, creating a persona is about 'making' a template of your ideal customer, which you can include in your marketing strategy.

When you create a persona, make sure you understand your target audience's needs, challenges, desires, dreams, obstacles or other critical factors that are important to know about whether they place an order with you or not.

If you break down your audience's info into who, what, why and how, you'll find you get a better insight into their buying journey when they're after the product or service you offer.

Persona guide - why should you make a persona?

Why you should create a persona and how you can actively use your persona in your marketing efforts, we look at in more detail below.

When you know your target audience's needs, challenges, desires, dreams, obstacles or other critical factors that are important to know about whether or not they place an order with you and their buying journey, you'll have an easier time communicating directly to them in a way that makes it much easier for them to bite the hook you've thrown out to them.

Imagine never having to spend time summoning your inner creative copywriter again when trying to write down content to be used in a marketing activity.

You SO want to write the right thing so it hits your target audience with a bang and the money just pours in! That would be great.

Without sounding too rosy, a persona is actually there to help you with this particular issue. Because if you imagine that your fictional persona is facing you, then you should pretend that you are writing directly to him/her. To make it even clearer, you can actually choose to have your persona produced so that he/she stands in possibly cardboard at the office with a text next to who he/she is.

In this way, there can be no doubt from anyone in the company how to communicate with customers. So it's not just you the persona helps, but all employees. When you or someone else in the company needs to create content that will deliver the best possible results, it's important to be able to see the situation from the target audience's perspective and deliver content that the target audience will respond to.

What does your persona have to do with SEO?

Here's the deal. When you write SEO texts they should first of all be relevant to the reader, then the keywords that you include in your text should be ones that your target audience actually searches for on Google.

If you know your persona, you'll know what they'll search for, whether they'll find your content interesting and what it takes for them to click on your link on Google, so they'll go to your website.


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