USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

That's why it's crucial for every business to understand how to identify its USP (unique selling point) to help you make branding and marketing decisions.


What is USP?

USP is an acronym for Unique Selling Proposition or Unique Selling Point and refers to the benefits and selling points that differentiate your company and products from other companies and other products. In other words, it is what makes just your company better than the competition, and the benefits that make your target audience choose your company.

Developing good USPs helps your business focus on your marketing strategy and sales messages and thus affect the way you communicate and brand yourself. A USP is not just the headline of your website. It's a position that your business takes as a whole that can be integrated into your products, your brand and the experience you give customers.

Competition is the natural part of business, especially for e-commerce companies. Customers are overwhelmed by options on the internet and they want to know quickly exactly what makes one product or brand different from another. Knowing the right way to position your business and products can therefore mean the difference between standing out and blending in.


Examples of areas in a company's USPs.

What sets you apart from the competition?

Your USPs should focus on your company's strengths and should be based on what makes your brand or product particularly unique and valuable to your customers. Being "unique" is rarely a strong USP in itself. You need to differentiate around an aspect that your target audience cares about, otherwise your way of communicating will not be very effective.

A compelling USP must:

  • Be confident but defensive.
  • Focus on what your customers value! "Unique" doesn't count for much if it's not something your target audience really cares about.
  • Be more than a slogan: While a tagline is a way to communicate your USP, it's also something you can apply to other areas of your business, from your return policy to your supply chain.

It's not necessarily what you're selling that needs to be unique, but the message you choose to focus on.

What is a USP not?

When creating your USP, it is important to know what a USP is not. Your USP is not an offer, such as: Get 10 % off, free shipping, great customer service or an attractive return policy.

These can be super selling points as they can be persuasive and effective. Unfortunately, they are just not unique on their own, nor are they actions that are easy to defend, as your competitors can easily copy them.

Frequently asked questions

What is USP?

USPs are your unique selling points that differentiate your company and products from your competitors.

What is USP an abbreviation for?

USP is an abbreviation for Unique Selling Proposition or Unique Selling Point. In English, the abbreviation is commonly used.

What are examples of USPs?

Examples of USPs could be that you offer round-the-clock user support every day of the year, or that your products contain only natural biodynamic ingredients.

What is ESP?

ESP is an abbreviation for Emotional Selling Proposition and refers to emotional USPs, i.e. the emotional effects that your products create in the customer.


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