Touch points

Touch points refer to essential points in the buying process where the company is in "contact" with the customer. An analysis of touch points can help the company to optimise the customer experience before, during and after a purchase.


What are Touch Points?

Touchpoints are part of the customer journey and act as touches that appear when businesses and customers interact with each other. Touch points therefore address the most significant moments in the customer journey, which start before the customer buys the product, during the customer's purchase and after the customer has bought the product.

Customer journey - example of 3 touch points

There are many different examples of touch points. Below we have listed examples of before, during and after the purchase.

  • Touch point - before purchase
    For example, advertising on social media, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram where you promote your product or service. Your marketing has a big impact on whether you spark an interest in the customer.
  • Touch point - during purchase
    Direct customer contact where your customer faces you and you communicate with each other about the purchase. This conversation has a big influence on whether the customer chooses to buy or not. Another example could be your product page on your website, where the customer reads up on features and reviews about the product.
  • Touch point - after purchase
    A final example is the work that starts after the customer has bought a product from you. Perhaps you send an email requesting a product review or have complementary products in stock that the customer might also be interested in buying.

Why should I do a touch point analysis?

Analysing touch points is about looking at your business through the lens of your customers, to better understand their needs at different stages of the buying process.

Only by knowing your customers' key touch points will you be able to optimise them for the best possible return. This can be applied to marketing as well as sales.

How do I do a touch point business analysis?

It's important that your research gives you a valid picture of the journey your customers are taking in their buying decision. That's why you shouldn't hold back on sourcing data from just one place. If possible, combine several sources to get the most truthful insight.

For example, you can download data via:

  • Interviews with your customers
  • Observe your customers
  • Your Trustpilot reviews
  • Your Google Analytics
  • Your CRM system

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