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InboundCPH is a marketing agency based in Copenhagen consisting of specialists in SEO and Google Ads. Working with your business, we develop data-driven strategies based on your objectives, your target audience and our years of experience.


Google Marketing Specialists

We are a specialist marketing agency in Copenhagen that has advised more than 1,000 companies and trained more than 5,000 people on how to use Google as a sales channel. We are always thorough and it is important for us to work "with" and not "for" our clients.

We are specialists in search engine optimisation (SEO) and Google Ads. These are marketing channels that require a long-term strategy and continuous optimisation to ensure the highest possible profitability. That's why most clients work with us for several years. See our cases here.

Since 1998, we have been working with Google Marketing to help our clients on their journey to more visibility and more conversions - where customers are looking for them. Our unique framework and proactivity ensures your business optimal results and complete peace of mind.

We use flexible working methods and meet our customers where they need us. We are transparent in our work and always give you insight into the processes and results of our work. We can handle all SEO and Google Ads work or act as external consultants.









Here's what our clients say

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The entire collaboration has functioned incredibly well, with your team bringing a high level of skill and expertise. Throughout the process of completing tasks there has been continous reliable collaboration, resulting in outstanding outcomes. It has been a string of successes all throughout.


I couldn't have dared to dream that we would have gotten to where we are today. There is no doubt that the tremendous growth is due to the collaboration we have with InboundCPH, and the great synergy between them, us and our web developers. I am glad that InboundCPH operates on a non-commissioned basis - let's just say it like that?

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I feel that I am in incredibly safe hands with InboundCPH. They are strong in system-technical aspects and provide informative and extensive reporting every month. They adapt to the client's needs so that you get the professional help you want, right where you need it. Together we have achieved a 615% increase in leads in 4 months. That is quite impressive.


InboundCPH has taken our Google Ads campaigns to the next level and significantly improved our returns. Total revenue in Denmark and Norway has increased by 60 %, while our return on ad spend has improved by 47 % compared to last year. I did not expect such good results at all!

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From day one, InboundCPH has been fully committed to working with us. They are proactive and not afraid to challenge our habitual way of thinking. It is clear that InboundCPH are specialists in Google Ads and know how to create profitable advertising campaigns.

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There is no doubt that for us SEO has made a lot of sense. I had pretty high expectations for what it would achieve when we powered it up - and they have been fulfilled. Furthermore, the collaboration with InboundCPH – and the knowledge we have gained – has had a major impact on the economics of our other marketing channels.


Henning was personally the reason why we switched to InboundCPH, as he showed good business understanding, humility and an ambitious approach to solving the challenges that Spies and I faced. InboundCPH works purposefully and visionarily around our joint solution proposals and can navigate on all levels.

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It is clear to see that InboundCPH has been working with SEO since 1997. They know what works, what to pay attention to and in which direction SEO is developing. They are used to working with large organizations and strong in communicating complex SEO topics so that all stakeholders understand them.

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With InboundCPH, we have a committed partner who meets us at eye level. Their analytical and data-driven approach ensures that our SEO efforts and Ads campaigns are in good hands, and that InboundCPH does their utmost to ensure that we as a customer achieve success with our marketing. And I really appreciate that!


The most important thing is, of course, the results that the collaboration has produced. The numbers speak for themselves: there has been progress on all parameters that we have worked with - and that we continue to work with. Seen in isolation, I have never before experienced such a high increase in traffic from Google to our website.

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InboundCPH manages to build a good relationship, where knowledge sharing is paramount, and where the nerdy knowledge is translated into information we can act on. You can tell that InboundCPH knows that SEO and SEM can work miracles. Seeing our brand overtake the competition on Google is a real pleasure 🙂


Honesty, openness and a strong but never cocky belief in one's own value are qualities we really value at InboundCPH as a partner. They have never either oversold or undersold their services, but have been honest in both the expectations poll, the forecasts and the subsequent reporting.


InboundCPH has completed a training course for Aller, where they have managed to enable our employees to understand which factors are essential in an SEO process and how to deal with them practically. It has produced a number of obviously improved numbers and you can see that it is having an effect!


It is my belief that a company needs someone internally who sees the light in SEO. InboundCPH has been instrumental in ensuring that we saw the light. Today, we see SEO as a business-critical marketing tool that is crucial for customer access and value creation in our company.

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InboundCPH is a strong contractor and a great capacity in online marketing and SEO in particular. They have great drive and a super good business understanding, which enables them to design and execute business strategies in the digital world. Last but not least, they have a great sense of humor!

Certified experts

We are a Google Partner

We are proud to be a certified Google Partner. But we know that we are not necessarily the best for that reason. That is why we constantly strive to provide the best service and create the maximum benefit for your company.


Get a free assessment of how we can best manage your marketing channels and the investment required. You'll gain concrete knowledge and get to know us, so you can better assess us as your future partner.

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In a fixed cooperation with us, we dedicate a number of hours each month to managing, optimising and reporting on your marketing channels. Click below to get a concrete estimate of your project, so you can evaluate us as your future marketing agency in Copenhagen.

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Bullshit and agency selection: How to choose the right agency?

Thursday, September 28 / 10.00 - 10.30

There's a lot of hot air in the marketing industry. It doesn't get any better when you're looking for an agency partner. On the contrary, agency pitches are often full of sales gas, space rockets and bad merch. In this webinar, Peter Halling Hilborg will talk about choosing an agency and what to keep in mind when choosing a new agency partner.




Cookie chaos: 97% of all companies are currently breaking the law - Are you?

Tuesday, October 3 / 10.00 - 10.30

Learn how to navigate the cookie jungle. In this webinar, Alexander Kobberø will take you on an informative journey, focusing on the recent landmark study that revealed that 97% of Danish websites send personal data to third-party services without consent. The webinar aims to clear up the confusion around cookies and help you understand your options.


Audi today has a much stronger market position within company cars

In addition to the increased traffic, our now strong rankings on Google are helping to increase awareness of Audi as an obvious choice for a company car. The campaign has not only resulted in a remarkable increase in the number of visitors to Audi's website, it has also resulted in Audi now having a much stronger market position within company cars.

Jacob Thiesen

Digital Manager






642 %

more visitors from Google

439 %

increase in page views

4 years old

successful collaboration

It has produced a number of obviously improved numbers and you can see that it is having an effect!

InboundCPH has completed a training course for Aller, where they have managed to enable our employees to understand which factors are essential in an SEO process and how to deal with them practically. It has produced a number of obviously improved numbers and you can see that it is having an effect!

Jan Krog Henningsen

Business Development Manager

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All Media

B2B & B2C

All Media

B2B & B2C


up-qualified employees

94 %

more visitors from Google

4 years old

successful collaboration

For us, SEO is actually the difference between surviving and not surviving.

Our level of investment in Google Ads was not profitable in the long run. And if you have a store where you pay too much relative to what it converts, you go out of business. So for us, SEO is actually the difference between surviving and not surviving.

Peter Hestbaek

Marketing Director

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Style pit

B2C & E-commerce

Style pit

B2C & E-commerce

465 %

increased visibility on Google


new landing pages


links from other websites

Learn more about us

Which marketing channels do you work with?

We are a specialized Google Marketing agency with expertise in SEO and Google Ads. We can also work with conversion optimization and data collection.

Which companies do you work with?

We regularly work with both companies and institutions in the B2B, B2C and e-commerce segments. We have experience in the Danish and international markets.

How long does a collaboration typically last?

Many clients work with us over several years because Google Ads and SEO require ongoing work. But we can also handle projects with a limited duration, in which case the collaboration is adapted accordingly.

How involved in the work should I be?

You decide how much you want to be involved in our work. We believe in knowledge sharing, because the benefits of working with us are greater if you are an active partner. That's why we're happy to share our knowledge and experience with you.


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