Storytelling: the art of entertaining and persuading the reader at the same time. Storytelling is about telling stories, it's about using stories to engage your audience, or to make something clearer. Of course, photos, images and films also help to tell a good story. Stories have always been a way of communicating. Before people learned to write, they would tell each other stories


What is storytelling?

The word storytelling pretty much speaks for itself. Storytelling is about telling stories. It's about using stories to engage your audience, or to make something clearer - as described earlier. Stories are much easier to remember than simple facts. Stories are also enjoyable; they stimulate your imagination. That's why parents tell their children stories, why we like to watch films and read books. People love stories and can even be said to be addicted to stories.

Use storytelling on your website

If you think storytelling has to be a story, in the traditional sense, you're wrong. Storytelling can be just a story, a story that is inspiring, selling and that people will remember. In other words, one that goes straight to the heart of the recipient.

Use of storytelling in e.g. a blog post will - if you do it the right way - make your post a more engaging one. Your blog post will be something people want to read. Stories increase your audience's attention. If you use stories in the right way, stories help you communicate your message more clearly. Stories can help you prove your point and can add clarity. Most importantly, people will remember your story, and with it, they will remember the message from your post or even your brand. And if you use stories in a good way, you can even inspire people to act. Maybe you inspire people to work with SEO on their website or to get started with storytelling on their website.

If you manage to work properly with storytelling, you will be rewarded. Through successful storytelling, you will find that you build a trusting relationship with your customers and readers.

This relationship is worth its weight in gold!

Storytelling - understanding your customers

If you want to be successful with your storytelling, it's first important to understand your customers. Understand who they are, what they are looking for, dreaming about and their general needs and problems. If you don't understand them then you won't have the same success with your storytelling, therefore never stop researching and trying to understand your customers or readers.

By knowing the reader and being able to identify with their feelings, you will be able to apply it in your storytelling. Before you start writing your story, think about what emotions you want to highlight in your story. A common mistake is to try to hit several emotions at once. Instead of trying to focus on several in one story, make several stories it is much more effective.


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