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SEO texts are texts that are written with the aim of achieving visibility on Google. This means that the texts are search engine optimised. In this text, you will learn how to create your own SEO texts so that your website comes out on top in Google - above your competitors, of course.


What are SEO texts?

For the record, let's start by mentioning that the word SEO is an abbreviation for search engine optimisation. You optimize your website by looking at many different parameters - SEO is a world of its own.

One of your search engine optimisation options is to work on your texts - so that they fall into the category of "SEO friendly texts", which you would do well to focus on if you want to rank high on Google.

Don't have the creativity, time or other skills to create your own SEO copy? Then you can easily get a SEO agency or a freelance copywriter to help you, some are cheap others are a bit expensive - it typically depends on the quality. The important thing here is just that the person behind it understands the SEO element of it and doesn't just write a text that doesn't meet Google's criteria.

Below are some SEO text tips for both those who want to do their own text and those who want professional help. Knowing this field will help you to check if your text is written properly.

Start with a keyword analysis

That you don't make a keyword analysis for a start, would be like driving to Russia without the help of a GPS, or making a cake you've never tried before without a recipe.

In other words, you can't write an SEO text if you don't know what it should contain. By making a keyword analysis you will find out which keywords to include in your text to make Google aware of what your text contains.

Keywords and search phrases are the words or phrases you want to be found on Google.

With keyword analysis, you gain more knowledge about what your potential customers search for when they try to find a company like yours.

How to write SEO texts

First of all, it is important that SEO texts are reader-friendly. Google now also assesses whether your readers get something out of the text. So your text should convey that it is written for people and not just for Google.

In addition, you must of course use the chosen keywords in the text itself. Here it is important that the keyword is included in your title tag, in the headline (H1) and several times in the body text. In addition, it may also be beneficial to use the keyword in section headings (H2-H6), in the URL and in the image title and all text.

Please note! That it's not about mentioning the keyword a myriad of times - that's a mistake many believe, because Google has wised up and will see through the keyword abuse. If a word is used many times in a text, Google will most often downgrade the value of the word in the text. How many times you can afford to use the keyword depends on your SEO text length, which by the way should very well be longer than the text that is #1 on Google for the keyword you want to hit.

Instead, you can use your keyword in different ways, such as different endings, synonyms, etc. An advantage is also to include words that are related to the keyword. For example, if your text is about summer holidays, toys for summer holidays can be related, bikini for holidays can be related, destinations for summer holidays can be related. What to choose depends on what your text is about.

Read more about content optimization and get many more tips for your texts. You can also download a free copy of our SEO book.

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