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Semrush is one of the world's most widely used SEO tools. Analyze your own visibility on Google and gain insight into your competitors' SEO efforts and strategies


Gain greater insight into the effect of your SEO efforts

Semrush is an all-in-one SEO tool that can give you insight into your visibility on Google, your content, relevant keywords, inbound links, your ad campaigns, social media, your competitors and more. We help you get relevant data.

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Based on an enormous amount of data, Semrush can give you the insight that is necessary for you to get the most out of your work with SEO. Among other things, Semrush can give you insight into your visibility on Google, the effect of your content, relevant keywords, inbound links, your advertising campaigns and your competitors' strategies. In the field below, you can enter the website's address and quickly see what the tool offers:

That's why Semrush is unique

What makes the tool unique is the huge data cube with contemporary and historical data. Semrush analyzes daily positions on a surprisingly large proportion of websites. The data quality is extremely high in Denmark/the north, and here there are no other tools that can catch up.
See and follow the development of your visibility on Google
The tool allows you to see historical and current data regarding your visibility on Google. You can e.g. see how many keywords your site is visible for, which positions these keywords have and whether the results have improved or gotten worse over time. You can also see when and how much your competitors invest in Google Ads and see which ad text they use.
Compare your performance with competitors on Google
You can compare your site with 5 other competitors on more than 20 different parameters. When you have found the competitors who compete with you directly, you can go in depth on the different ones and see what they do to create a strong visibility. It creates a deep insight and can provide a lot of inspiration for your digital efforts.
Try free for 14 days
If you are not sure whether Semrush is for you, you can try it free for 14 days. Here is one direct link to the trial page
Prices from USD 99/month
In terms of price, Semrush is in the middle and so everyone can join. If you are an agency and have a larger need, you can advantageously negotiate a good price by contacting the sales department directly. See prices here
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What is Semrush?

Semrush is one of the world's most widely used SEO tools. You can use it to analyze your own visibility on Google and your rankings on relevant keywords - but you can also use it to gain an insight into your competitors' SEO efforts and strategies. Read more about Semrush.

What does Semrush cost?

The most common package costs $100 monthly. As a customer with us, you don't need to buy access yourself - we give you access to relevant data and send you regular reports on the progress of your visibility on Google.

How can I create results with Semrush?

There are different ways to create results with Semrush and it depends a lot on the type of website/business you have. Visit possibly this section at Semrush for ideas and guides.


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