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We make digital marketing an integral part of your business. By involving all stakeholders – management, sales, marketing, communication and IT – a targeted effort that creates noticeable results is ensured.

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We train managers and employees on a strategic and operational level. The core of our education is professionalism, business understanding, good relationships and a targeted focus on value creation in your company.

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InboundCPH manages to build a good relationship, where knowledge sharing is paramount, and where the nerdy knowledge is translated into information we can act on. You can tell that InboundCPH knows that SEO and SEM can work miracles. Seeing our brand overtake the competition on Google is a real pleasure 🙂


InboundCPH has completed a training course for Aller, where they have managed to enable our employees to understand which factors are essential in an SEO process and how to deal with them practically. It has produced a number of obviously improved numbers and you can see that it is having an effect!


I was on an SEO course related to my work as digital manager at Aller Media and have only the warmest recommendations. InboundCPH teaches at an understandable level where everyone can participate. They are concrete and action-oriented, so after the course I was completely clear on how I should approach my SEO efforts in the future.

Teaching B2B and B2C companies

Professional passion and commitment

With professional passion, humor and commitment, since 1998 we have trained more than 5,000 people to get the most out of the Google channel. We ensure success for companies – large and small – throughout the country through insight-based, data-driven strategies.

The starting point for our teaching is a solid insight into your business, your target group and your objectives, so that we can indicate data-driven solutions and action measures that ensure your company the best results. We will be measured by your success and the value we create.

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Seminars and webinars

Acquire knowledge on how to prioritize Google correctly



Video advertising in 2023

Thursday, March 30 / 10:00 - 10:45

The webinar will give you an insight into video advertising 2023, the 3 essential video platforms and how to set the right video advertising goals. Register for the webinar here.

Certified advisors

We are a Google Partner

We are proud to be a Google Partner. But we know that we are not necessarily the best for that reason. That is why we constantly make an effort to provide solution-oriented advice that creates the maximum benefit for your company.

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Do you need a structured training course for your core employees, or are you considering whether it pays to handle SEO and Google Ads internally? Contact Henning Madsen and have a dialogue about your project.

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    Download our new SEO book
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