You've probably visited a website or webshop and seen ads for that company everywhere, for example on Facebook. This is a good example of retargeting. Find out more in this text.


What is retargeting?

As written above, you have most likely experienced looking at a pair of shoes (or something else) on a webshop. You decide not to buy the shoes, and subsequently you are stalked by ads in various places on the Internet showing exactly the shoes you were unsure whether to buy. In the end, you (might) decide to buy the shoes because you are constantly reminded of how cool they really are.

Are you wondering if it was all a coincidence? Then we can tell you pretty quickly that it's not. The explanation is simple; it's a retargeting marketing example.

What is the difference between marketing and remarketing?

Remarketing is also called retargeting marketing, but why isn't it just called marketing? We've put together another example to help you understand the difference.

When you first visited the shop with the beautiful shoes, you had found the shoes through some form of marketing. This could be via an ad on Facebook, an Ads ad on Google or something else entirely. My point is that you had already been exposed to advertisement from the company the first time. Remarketing thus means that you have been marketed to the company again.

The way this is done is by storing a cookie on your potential customers' computer, tablet or phone. The cookie triggers a remarketing ad where you have enabled it. For example, this could be in Google search results or on Facebook.

What is the purpose of retargeting marketing?

There are many benefits to using remarketing. Firstly, remarketing can remember your customers for you, including what they are interested in, what they have looked at in your webshop / website, and which purchases they did not finish.

This happens without you seeming to be looking over your shoulder as you write in your notepad, as everything happens automatically.

With that information, you can set up retargeting marketing ads that remind them of purchases they didn't make, expose them to products they've looked at, or some other appropriate message.

Retargeting marketing and Google Ads.

Here at InboundCPH, we deal with Google Ads, among other things. Therefore, it makes sense that we give a closer look at how remarketing works in relation to your Ads advertising on Google.

For those who don't know, Google Ads are ads in Google search results.

Here it is obvious to do retargeting, either for those who have recently visited your webshop / website or those who have searched on topics related to your business.

An example might be:

A person has been looking at ski boots on your webshop, but is disturbed during the purchase. Later in the day, the person googles ski boots on their computer and is greeted by an ad from your website featuring the very ski boots they were looking at.

If the person clicks on your ad, they are much more likely to buy than if you hadn't had your retargeting ad.


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