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Link building is about building links on a website, which is an important part of SEO work. The more links with high domain authority that link to your website, the better. Get more free link building tips in this link building guide.


What is link building?

Link building can be divided into two categories. There is both internal link building and external link building.

  • Internal link building
    Internal links are the links you make on your own website that link from a specific page to another specific page - internally.
  • External link building
    External links can be outbound links, i.e. links that you insert on your website and that link to an external website.
    External links can also be what are called backlinks. Backlinks are the reverse of outbound links, because instead of from links to an external website, the external website links to yours.

In this article we give a few tips about backlinks. A more detailed guide can be found in our guide to link building.

How do I get backlinks?

In general, you can acquire backlinks in the following ways:

  • Buy backlinks from a provider
    There are several providers on the market where you can buy links from. Note that providers typically offer links from both high and low authority websites. The price will usually be higher according to the authority. Therefore, do not always choose the cheapest links.
  • Pay a blogger
    Contact a blogger to create a sponsored blog post that includes a link to your website. For example, a product review that includes a link to the product on your webshop so visitors can easily find where to buy the product.
  • Earn backlinks
    If you create good content on your website, you can earn backlinks without having to work for them. This could be through a blog post on your own website, giving tips and tricks. If you do this, you are more likely to get people to link to it for free. For example, you might have blogged about delicious starters for the New Year. On a forum, someone searches for inspiration for this, then another user drops your link in to help.
  • Switch to backlinks
    You can also ask your partners to link to each other. Just don't link to and from the same pages, as Google will be able to see through such a manoeuvre.

7 great link building tips

There are many good tips for link building. Here we have listed some important rules to remember:

  • Tip No. 1
    Links from websites that have high domain authority in Google's eyes have more value than links from websites with low or mediocre authority.
  • Tip No. 2
    Strive to acquire dofollow links, as Google generally does not follow nofollow links. If you see that a website has given you a nofollow link, ask what it takes to change it to a dofollow.
  • Tip No. 3
    Links via text have higher value than links via images. Google has an easier time understanding what the link is about when it is text-based.
  • Tip No. 4
    Following on from the above, links that are relevant for readers to click on are usually given a higher value - for example, in a blog post, a help article or similar.
  • Tip #5
    Don't just think about getting links to your front page. It's not necessarily your front page that needs more links. Instead, choose the pages on your website that are relevant to the page being linked from. Remember that traffic often comes with a link and visitors who come through should be received by a page relevant to the topic being linked from.
  • Tip #6
    Links from websites that work in the same industry / topic as your website have a higher value, as they are considered more relevant links. For example, a link from a horse portal to a horse equipment shop will have a higher value than if a forum with food recipes linked to the horse equipment webshop.
  • Tip #7
    If you choose to swap links with a partner or others, don't just swap over. In other words, don't link to and from the same pages - it doesn't provide the same value as if the pages being linked to and from are unique. For example, don't link to your collaborator's skirt page if that's the one he/she is linking from.

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