Landing page

Landing page is the English term for the Danish word; landingsside. It covers all your sub-pages on your website that customers can land on, for example by clicking on a link, an ad or something else.


What is a Landing page?

As described above, the landing page deals with all subpages of your website. Examples of landing pages can be a product category, a product page, an information page, a blog post or similar.

Your main landing pages should always be accessible via your main menu, so potential customers can find them easily. This could be your product categories, for example, where customers can find and buy your products.

Landing page is a used term in the marketing world. For example, a landing page is always associated with a Google Ads ad, via a URL, so that Google can understand where the ad should link to.

In a similar way, landing pages need to be worked on when it comes to SEO.

What does landing page have to do with SEO?

The more relevant and search engine optimised landing pages you have on your website, the more likely Google users are to come to your website when searching for a product or service you sell.

For example, if a potential customer searches for an item on Google that you happen to have available on one of your landing pages, you'll have a better chance of winning the purchase from that potential customer if you rank high on Google with that particular landing page.

The way you do this is by associating your searchword to your landing pages. The keywords or search phrases for which you want to rank higher in Google should be assigned landing pages on your website. This means that you can't use the same exact keyword on all of your landing pages, you need to split them out on the relevant sub-pages.

For example, you may sell clothing and have many different keywords to distribute throughout your website. In addition, a limited group of keywords can be usefully associated with each product category of clothing you have. For example, in your product category of jackets, you could use related keywords such as "short jacket", "fur jacket", "down jacket", etc. and in the product category where you sell shoes, you could focus on relevant keywords such as sneakers, stilettos, boots, etc.

If you mix all your keywords throughout your website and do not associate keywords and key phrases to a specific landing page, Google will not understand what your texts and pages are about.

Prioritizing your landing pages

When you start your landing page optimization project, we suggest you approach it with this priority. It's a big project if you have a lot of pages on your website, so it's a good idea to have a prioritization list:

  1. Start by optimising your existing pages.
    Instead of creating new pages, start by looking at your existing pages you already have on your website and optimise them first.
  2. Start by optimizing existing pages that have high search volume.
    Your landing pages, where you have associated keywords that have high search volume, will immediately contribute to the greatest financial gain.
  3. Start by optimising the landing pages that have the greatest commercial potential.
    The landing pages where you can see your customers are most likely to buy from. For example, you may sell a lot of shoes on your webshop and it is therefore the product category shoes that needs to be optimised, as one of the first categories.
  4. Start by optimising existing landing pages that are already visible on Google.
    It's always better to be #1 or #2 on Google than #8 or #9. That's why you should start by working on increasing a position 7 to a position 2, than by increasing a position 80 to a position 11!

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