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Using the word counter

Paste or type your text in the text box to count the number of words, characters, sentences and paragraphs. We recommend the following text lengths if you are working on search engine optimisation (SEO) and want to make your content visible on Google:

  • SEO text: 300-1,000 words depending on the competitive situation.
  • Title Tag: 45-65 characters.
  • Meta Description: 120-160 characters.

Each subpage on your website that you want to increase the visibility of in search results should contain a unique body text - often called a SEO text. In addition to the SEO text, the page must contain a Title Tag and a Meta Description. Read more about content optimization.

Recommended text lengths

SEO text

An SEO text is a long text written based on keywords and search phrases that your target audience uses when searching for your products in search engines. The SEO text is essential for search engines to understand what your website is about and which searches it should appear on. The text should:

  • written on the basis of one or more keywords used by your target audience
  • focus on a defined topic (e.g. a product, a product category or a service)
  • have a length of 300-1.000 words (depending on the competition situation)
  • contain the primary (most important) keyword about once per 50 words (possibly in different inflections)
  • include any secondary keywords one to five times
  • contain a heading (with an h1 tag) and one or more subheadings (with h2 tags)
  • include the primary keyword in the headline and in a selection of the subheadings
  • include internal links where relevant
  • be meaningful and appealing to the reader
  • be written in an error-free and freely fluent language.

Title Tag

A Title Tag is a short headline related to the page content. The Title Tag appears as a clickable link in search results. It should be 45-65 characters long, including spaces. Get help writing the perfect Title Tag with our Meta-helper.

Meta Description

A Meta Description is a short description of the page content. The description appears below the Title Tag in search results. It should be 120-160 characters long, including spaces. Get help writing the perfect Meta Description with our Meta-helper.

Google Ads

A Google Ads ad has the following text length limits (regardless of language):
  • Heading 1: 30 characters.
  • Heading 2: 30 characters.
  • Description: 80 characters.
  • Bulls: 15 characters each.
  • Info extensions: 25 characters each.
We recommend that you use as many characters as possible in the headings and description.

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