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This is a podcast about search engine optimization - and it's completely free of bullshit and sales gas. Your host is Henning Madsen, and he has years of experience in SEO. We invite smart and inspiring people into the studio, where we uncover many exciting topics about SEO and share useful tips and tricks.

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  • How does Spies use AI and ChatGPT?
    Rasmus Panduro, Spies
    Rasmus Panduro, Head of Digital Operations at Spies Rejser is a guest, Rasmus shares his expertise on how Spies uses ChatGPT and AI in their daily work, both within SEO and across their business areas.
  • How can gamification support your SEO strategy?
    Nikolaj Skarbye, Scratcher
    Nikolaj Skarbye, Partner and CCO at Scratcher is our guest and shares his experiences on how to engage your visitors more through the use of gamification on your site.
  • The best recommendations for SEO Tools
    Lasse Grubbe, InboundCPH
    Our Inbound Marketing Specialist, Lasse Grubbe is our guest in this episode. Lasse has many years of experience in digital marketing, including as a freelancer and as a specialist at InboundCPH.
  • How to get started with digital marketing in a...
    Casper Rouchmann, United Fintech
    Casper Rouchmann, Head of Marketing at United Fintech is a guest. Casper has many years of experience in digital marketing, both in start-up and scale-up companies.
  • How to choose an agency?
    Margit Friis, Apopro
    What criteria do you look at when choosing an agency, and how do you make sure the agency can do the job?We have Margit Friis, Head of Marketing and E-commerce at Apopro in the studio.
  • SEO - SEM Synergies: make the most of the interaction
    Peter Halling Hilborg, InboundCPH
    How do you create synergy between SEO and SEM, and where can you reap benefits when working with both disciplines?That's what our Head of Paid, Peter Halling Hilborg, will tell you in this podcast episode.
  • Target the right B2B audience with leadgen and demandgen
    Philip Tovborg, InboundCPH
    How do you ensure relevant content for your B2B audience, given the length and complexity of the customer journey? And which channels should you use?
  • B2C customer journey mapping: SEO Micro-Moments
    Kirsten Mørk, Apopro
    In this episode, we have a long-time client in the studio, Kirsten Mørk, SEO specialist at Apopro, for a chat about SEO Micro-Moments.
  • Travel agency and SEO in a global pandemic
    Rasmus Panduro, Spies
    In the first episode of the new season, our Head of SEO, Henning Madsen, and Spies, will talk about their strong cooperation over 7 years!
  • SEO tips for migrating websites
    Lasse Grubbe, InboundCPH
    Did you know that a poorly executed migration can, in the worst case, mean that your website loses all visibility? And once the damage is done, it can be hard to repair.
  • SEO strategy for international websites
    Lasse Grubbe, InboundCPH
    Internationalising a website offers great potential, but also a number of SEO challenges that can prevent you from realising your full potential.
  • 15 tips that will make Google love your...
    Ture Alsvik, Atea
    Are you new to SEO and need some advice on how to go about it? Or are you a seasoned expert who wants to stay up to date on the most important tips and tricks on the subject?
  • B2B buying journeys: think SEO and digital marketing
    Lotte Lauridsen, Helion B2B
    With long complex buying journeys it is important to know your target audience (rather trite, but extremely important). With a visit from Lotte Lauridsen from HelionB2B, it turned into a chat about how to think SEO and digital marketing combined as a B2B company.
  • Make the right choices with link building
    Christoffer Thorsager, Partner text
    Isn't link building a bit of a black hat strategy? According to Google guidelines you are not allowed to buy links, but there are methods that are in line with Google guidelines and Danish law.
  • Effective content marketing & 5 tips to write well...
    Sarah le Fevre Munkgaard, Partner text
    SEO and content marketing should be best friends! If you don't create good text from your chosen keywords that gets people to interact with your landing page, your SEO efforts will just fall flat.
  • Faster server and greater global reach with CDN
    Olivia Stokholm, Cognito Digital
    CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a global network of servers, but why do you need it attached to your website? Olivia Stokholm from Cognito Digital is today's guest and talks about the possibilities of a CDN.
  • SEO for millions
    Allan Bo Christiansen, Atea
    In this episode, you'll hear a concrete SEO customer case from the collaboration between Atea and InboundCPH - and how an untapped SEO potential was realised to the tune of three-digit millions.
  • Support searches
    Christopher Hofman, IMPACT Extend
    Christopher Hofman from IMPACT Extend visits the studio once again to talk about support searches, SEO and the customer journey. There are at least 5 phases when searching on Google, and are called informational, navigational, commercial, transactional and support searches.
  • Break with the pseudo-reports
    Thomas Mailund Østerkjerhuus, MorningTrain
    As a B2B company, tracking organic traffic and the impact it has on the purchase journey can be more difficult than it is for B2C and E-commerce.
  • SEO without care
    Thomas Mailund Østerkjerhuus, MorningTrain
    Thomas Østerkjerhuus from MorningTrain is back, and in this episode he helps you understand what's important before you start your SEO work - and what can stand in the way of succeeding with your goals.


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