B2B-LeadEngine Framework®

Get more qualified leads with our automated marketing framework

The B2B-LeadEngine Framework® was created on the basis of 20 years of experience and builds a bridge between the sales and marketing departments of B2B companies across industries. With measurable efforts, insightful data and automated technologies, the framework strengthens your brand and increases the bottom line.

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Realize your digital potential with our lead-generating marketing framework

In 40 days, we implement an automated marketing framework that attracts, builds and nurtures relationships with your target group across channels. The result is more leads, which are automatically matured and handed over to your sales team.

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The course defines the steps for growth

Our team of specialists adapts the framework together with you

We want to understand your business, brand and customers. That's why we start the collaboration with a preliminary project where we get to know each other better and hold workshops with a focus on SEO, Google Ads, SoMe and marketing automation. This gives us a deeper understanding of your strategic situation, digital potential and growth ambitions. Based on data, analyzes and account reviews, we adapt the framework together with you and determine a strategic direction for your further growth journey.

The CEO's first choice

Streamline the strategy across departments

The framework creates cohesion and builds a bridge between marketing and sales, so that everyone works towards a common goal. With a streamlined strategy and valuable insights, you can achieve better results and ensure sustainable growth.

The CMO's preferred partner

Obtain more leads and strengthen brand awareness

The framework illuminates and documents the value of your major marketing work. With measurable digital efforts and the right data-driven technologies, you can more effectively acquire more qualified leads.

The CSO's new weapon

Get a pipeline full of buy-ready leads

The framework automates and structures sales activities that make salespeople's work easier. With mapped insights, you can rank leads according to how ready they are to buy, so you only spend time on them where it pays off.

01Kick off meeting

An initial meeting where we map together your challenges, needs, objectives, internal resources and competences in sales and marketing. The meeting forms the basis for the subsequent analyses, workshops and strategies.

Initial preliminary project


Before the joint workshops, our digital specialists carry out a series of analyzes and review your current and historical efforts across channels to identify opportunities and potential.

Initial preliminary project


Based on the analyses, we review your current situation, opportunities and potentials. Finally, we tie the threads together, and together we determine the strategy for further efforts and the good cooperation.

Initial preliminary project

04Content production

Your customer-facing content catalog must be organized so that it can be effectively activated across the customer journey and channels. Any content productions are planned, structured and continuously initiated as needed.


05Setup & Execution

Based on the established strategy, our digital specialists will implement the automated marketing framework and execute selected targeted efforts across channels in collaboration with you.

Implementation & Continuous

06Evaluation & optimization

To ensure optimal results, we continuously monitor and optimize the framework and activate new targeted efforts. In close cooperation with you, we prioritize the efforts that create the most value for you, your brand and target group.



Here's what our clients say

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What really struck me throughout our workshops was not only how well you had done the audits, but how much effort you had put into understanding our business, the importance of our internationalization journey and especially who we are as a company, which is a big part of our identity and how we want to market ourselves. My feeling was that all of you had acquired a really good understanding of who we are and managed to apply your expertise in different fields to come up with suggestions on how we can use our identity to our advantage.

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In connection with making more targeted communication - and as part of a future content and SEO strategy in Motus A/S, through a preliminary project with InboundCPH, via responsiveness, analysis and knowledge sharing, we gained an insight into strengths and weaknesses, so we can safely make decisions based on facts and advice on areas of action, both in terms of easy here-and-now changes, but also to a large extent contribution to a long-term strategy. We were pleasantly surprised by the added value we got through the preliminary project. The starting point was SEO, but we got concrete facts, recommendations and ideas that can be used everywhere in our digital marketing strategy. All the people we have met from InboundCPH have been extremely professional and welcoming.


On InboundCPH's recommendation, we chose to start the collaboration with a preliminary project, which included an analysis of our SEO, Google Ads, website and general digital strategy. We have not regretted that decision. We were guided through the process with a safe hand and felt included throughout the process, listened to and well guided. The key words for us have been transparency and sustainability in the chosen strategy, and we definitely feel that InboundCPH has lived up to that and still lives up to that. It has also meant that we now see our entire digital strategy as a unified whole instead of different fragments, which was the case in the past. Thanks to the way the pre-project has been run through. We have put together a plan for which tasks InboundCPH solves for us and which we do ourselves, so that there are always clear lines about who does what. And so the preliminary project has given us a strong foundation for developing our digital strategy in the future, together with InboundCPH. We would at all times recommend the skilled and professionally strong people at InboundCPH and especially appreciate the open dialogue in everyday life, where they are a valuable sparring partner in relation to achieving our goals.

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Thanks to InboundCPH, we have really generated new value for Arval, and most importantly for our customers. We have optimized our SEO, our general online presence, social media and especially our Google Ads with great success. InboundCPH always demonstrates good communication, proactivity and are really skilled and professional - they are clearly one of Denmark's best agencies. For the same reason, we also chose to enter into an agreement on a so-called 'pre-project'. It has been a really interesting and valuable experience to go through as a company. We went through a series of workshops to initiate a larger strategic marketing plan together with the various specialists InboundCPH has in their respective fields. Incredibly professional, we really felt taken by the hand from the first brief to the last workshop.

Learn more about us

Which companies do you work with?

Our framework is aimed at digitally ambitious B2B companies in virtually all industries.

What areas of action does LeadEngine consist of?

Our framework consists of four general areas: attract, convert, engage and sell, where different inbound specialists are brought into play and technologies are activated across different marketing channels. You can get a brief introduction to the LeadEngine framework in our LeadEngine guide (coming soon).

How long does a typical collaboration last?

We typically frame a collaboration over a period of 12 months, where the first 8 weeks are spent setting the strategy and implementing the framework itself. The remaining 10 months are used to optimize and continuously expand executive efforts. Most of our customers have been working with us for several years.

How involved in the work should I be?

We believe in close collaboration and knowledge sharing, because the benefits of the collaboration will be greater if you participate as an active and constructive partner. That's why we build and set the strategic course together with you, but you decide for yourself how much you want to get involved in the ongoing collaboration.

Do you have a fixed commitment period?

An ongoing collaboration typically has a commitment period of three months. The reason is partly that we want to ensure that the collaboration can be ended in a good way, and partly that there may be months when we prioritize a larger part of the budget, even if you pay a fixed monthly amount.


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