Rich snippets: the way to increased visibility and more clicks

Rich snippets are additional information that appears in some of the search results on Google, such as reviews of a restaurant. Adding rich snippets to your search results provides more information to the user while attracting the user's attention. Rich snippets are not an outright ranking factor, but a factor that can help you stand out on Google's search results as well as increase your CTR (click-through rates).

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So what exactly are rich snippets?

As mentioned earlier, rich snippets are additional information on search results on Google. There are different types of rich snippets, including reviews, prices of products, stock of products, cooking time and number of calories of recipes, events, etc. Below is an example of rich snippets if you search for "strawberry pie" on Google:

Visual example of Rich Snippets

The top search result includes rich snippets with relevant information such as a review of the recipe, cooking time and number of calories. The bottom search result is without rich snippets and it is clear to see that the search result with rich snippets is more appealing for the user to click on.

So the whole idea of rich snippets is that they create more attention in search results, making it easier for you to stand out from the competition - and ultimately often result in more clicks to your website, as the search result becomes more visually attractive.

Who can make use of rich snippets?

Rich snippets can be used by all businesses, but are particularly relevant for businesses selling a product or service. In addition, it is also relevant for companies offering recipes, videos, articles, etc. In these cases, rich snippets can create more awareness and result in more clicks to your website.

How to implement rich snippets?

In order to highlight relevant information and content from your website in a search result, it requires that the coding of your content page is structured data so that Google can understand the context of your data (you can read much more about structured data here). This way, Google knows that it is content that can be displayed as rich snippets - however, there is no guarantee that it will be displayed as rich snippets, as this is something that Google decides.

If you want to test your structured data, you can use Google's testing of extended resultswhich provides an overview of the extended results that can be generated from the structured data your website contains.

If you want to know more about the technical implementation of rich snippets, you can read more here.

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