A portal is a website on the Internet where useful information or links to useful information are collected - often on a specific topic or grouped by topic. In this article you can learn more about the definition of a portal.


What is a portal?

A portal (also called an Internet portal) is a website on the Internet that serves as a gateway to specific information. The content may be collected on the portal, or the portal may link to other websites where the content can be found. A portal is typically aimed at a specific topic or audience.

In the late 1990s, the word "portal" was a buzzword and countless Internet users used a portal as the starting point (i.e. home page) for their browsing on the Internet. For example, portals brought together news, weather forecasts, search engines and more on one home page.

Examples of portals

There are many examples of portals. Here we mention just three:

  1. Amino - The Entrepreneurs' Forum Amino can be considered as an entrepreneurship portal, as it allows entrepreneurs to find and share knowledge on entrepreneurship while linking to other websites and services with specific content for entrepreneurs.
  2. YouTube - Another example could be the popular media YouTube, as this access provides entertainment, information and learning. In this case, the content is not similarly restricted.
  3. Borger.dk - A final example we will include in this round is borger.dk, which not only provides information to citizens in Denmark who may make use of the website in relation to various life situations, but also links to relevant services.


CVR (Central Business Register) is an example of a portal.

Secondary meanings

The word portal has several secondary meanings:

  • In building art, an architectural entrance to a building, such as a castle, church or other large structure.
  • In science fiction and fantasy, the word is also used to refer to an entrance to another world or dimension.
  • In computer games, a 3D puzzle game from computer manufacturer Valve.

Frequently asked questions

What is a portal?

A portal is a website on the Internet that provides access to a large amount of information. The information may be available directly on the portal or via links to other websites.

When did the first portals appear?

The first portals were launched in the 1990s after the launch of the Internet. The first portal was called the World Wide Web virtual Library and dates from 1991.

What is an Internet portal?

A web portal is the same as a portal and is also called a web portal.

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