Metadata in the SEO world includes your title tags and meta descriptions, which appear in Google's results pages. Companies can pre-define their titles and descriptions to entice the user of Google to click on their website, rather than the competitors.

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What is metadata?

Metadata is important for anyone who wants to get visitors from Google. Below is an example from Google of one of InboundCPH's title tags and meta descriptions:

Title Tag and Meta Description

As you may recognise, this is the format that pops up on Google every time you do a search. So a meta title and meta description will always appear for any website in the search results.

That's why titles and descriptions are important!

When a potential customer searches on a topic where one of your landing pages appears as a search result, you're not alone. So there's a battle over which website the potential customer should click on. That's why it's a good idea to work on your meta-titles and descriptions so that they stand out.

How to write a good title tag

Make a title tag like:

  • Has a maximum length of 65 characters
  • Is unique
  • Is reflective to the page content
  • Makes sense
  • Is appealing
  • Contains the primary keyword for which the page is optimized 1-2 times (possibly in different inflections)
  • Have the main keyword as far left as possible
  • As far as possible, any secondary keyword contains 1 time
  • As far as possible contains promotional words like buy, order, get or book
  • Contains dashes (-) or vertical bars (|) for sentence separation (not punctuation)

Last but not least, your title tag should contain your company name at the end (for example "Text... - inboundpch.dk" or "Text... | InboundCPH"). However, you should be aware that for some websites this is automatically set up to be added, so this should be checked first - having your company name there twice looks silly.

How to write a good meta description

Create a meta description that:

  • Has a maximum length of 160 characters including spaces
  • Supports the metatitle
  • Is unique
  • Is reflective to the page content
  • Makes sense
  • Is appealing
  • Contains the primary keyword for which the page is optimized 1-3 times (possibly in different inflections)
  • Have the primary keyword included in the first sentence
  • Contains a possible secondary keyword 1-2 times
  • As far as possible, include promotional words such as buy, order, get or book.

Note! If Google doesn't consider the text you define to be appropriate, descriptive enough or downright inappropriate, it may choose to use other content from your page instead.

Make use of our metadata tool

Need help creating razor-sharp metadata to appear in search results for any of your landing pages? Then let us help you with our metadata tool.

If you enter your data in the box on the page we link to 👆 you can see how your texts can appear on Google and thus you can see and adjust your setup if the text is not as desired.

What are metacodes and meta tags?

Metacodes and meta tags are basically the same thing, you can call them both. They contain information about your website that Google uses to understand your pages better.

You won't see metacodes or meta tags on your landing pages, but you can always find them in the code. There are many different meta codes and the majority of them do not affect your SEO. However, there are certain things to be aware of! These can be meta descriptions, for example, as we mentioned earlier in this blog post, or meta robots, which can exclude one or more pages in question from being indexed by Google - just to name a few examples.

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