Inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is an indirect marketing strategy where sales come to you, via content driven marketing and marketing automation software. You can use this strategy B2B as well as B2C.


What is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is the opposite of outbound marketing.

Outbound marketing
Outbound marketing means that the company markets itself via traditional TV commercials, banners, telemarketing and advertisements in newspapers and magazines. Here the company has full control over what is marketed.

Inbound marketing
Inbound marketing is not about pushing marketing out, but rather about attracting potential customers, for example through knowledge content and marketing automation. This makes online inbound marketing a much less aggressive way to market yourself as a business.

An example of inbound marketing

An example could be

A male visitor to Google stumbles across your website by asking a question in the search engine about flowers, to which he is looking for an answer. Of course, you've written some good content on this topic (that is, if you sell things for flowers) that answers the man's question, and so your post is one of the highest ranking posts in the search engine for that keyword.

When the visitor enters your website, he reads your content. He is happy and satisfied and even signs up for your newsletter because he 1. could use the information you gave him on the landing page and therefore would like to hear more from your company, or 2. was interested in giving his email in exchange for the super delicious flower guide you send to all those who sign up for your newsletter.

Just as soon as he signs up for the newsletter, your automated email flow starts to warm him up so much with targeted flower care content that this process ends with a sale to the man who just searched for an answer on Google.

Create an inbound marketing campaign

Examples of channels where you can create an inbound marketing campaign:

Why inbound marketing?

There are many good reasons to engage in inbound marketing.

Here are a few examples: 

  1. You will be divided. Because inbound marketing is built around content and knowledge sharing, you're giving your customer value before they even put a penny into your business. This means they are more likely to share your content and therefore your brand.
  2. You're building a trust. Before you and your customer have started working together, you have shown that you have knowledge in your field of work, therefore a different kind of trust has already been built up than if you simply advertised via outbound marketing.
  3. Google loves it! It's not just your potential customers who are sharing. Google is also very happy to find content that can answer related searches with.
  4. Free marketing. Unlike outbound marketing, where you pay big bucks to be promoted, you pay nothing for inbound marketing - apart from the time you spend putting together your content, of course.

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