Google Shopping Feed

A Google search for a specific product may reveal a specific ad format that includes images of the product, the title and the price of the specific item. In the past, this type of ad was referred to as PLA (Product Listing Ads), but today they are simply referred to as Google Shopping Ads.


How Google Shopping Ads works

To start somewhere, Google Shopping Ads is a good place. Before we move on to the Google Shopping Feed, you need to know what Google Shopping Ads is.

Google Shopping Ads allows the products you sell on your webshop to be displayed as an ad in Google search results. Google Shopping is put in touch with your webshop through a product feed, so that Google can manually update new products, sold out items, reduced prices, etc.,

In order for Google to display your products, you need to create a file with information about your webshop's products. This file is called a product feed, and is used to forward all your webshop product information to Google Shopping.

Google Shopping Ads does not work like Google Ads, as you cannot choose which searches your ads will appear on, this is at Google's discretion. Google does this by scanning your product information, and then chooses based on your bid and keyword relevance, which keywords/search terms your shopping ad will be on.

How to view Google Shopping Ads

Not sure if you've come across a Google Shopping Ad, or what one looks like? Then here's an example. Google Shopping Ads are characterized by the fact that they are ads where both images and price are included, also the ads are placed at the top or on the right side of the search result, it is not something you can decide. These ads appear at the same time as regular Google Ads, so it is possible to run both, which also gives a great competitive advantage as you are more visible.

Google Shopping Feed

Now that you have an understanding of Google Shopping Ads, we have come to the point where you need to know something about your Google Shopping Feed. Because in order for you to run Google Shopping Ads at all, you need a data feed and when we talk about Google Shopping we often use the term Google Shopping Feed, or just Shopping Feed.

In order for Google to display your products, your feed must contain all necessary data, including title, price, availability (in stock/sold out), link to the product, link to the image of the product, etc.

Which attributes a Product Feed should contain is something that Google has very specific rules for, if your products do not meet all the criteria, then they will not be displayed as a Google Shopping Ad. Creating a Google Shopping Feed is very technical and requires web development skills, so if you don't have them, it's a good idea to team up with a skilled developer.

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