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Your digital marketing sales strategy shouldn't just be about advertising. Effective online marketing makes sure you look at the customer from start to finish, from the moment you make contact until the sale is completed. Here you can read about what a lead is and why the concept is important.

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What is a digital lead?

In online marketing there is a lot of talk about leads. In short, a lead can be defined as a person or company that has shown interest in your product or service. So how should "interest" be understood? It doesn't have to be in a literal sense, but can be very indirect.

For example, a lead could be someone who signs up for your newsletter or downloads a white paper. It can also be someone who has clicked on your advert, but without doing anything further, such as completing a purchase. Digital leads are also the people who leave comments on your blog or contact your customer service.

Attract the right leads

It is important to look at the quality of digital leads. You can theoretically get a million email addresses of visitors, but if none of them have any intention of buying anything from you, it's a waste of money and effort.

High quality digital leads are leads that have a high probability of converting into profitable, buying customers. Therefore, it is very important that you look at who are your potential customers and who are not? That's the opposite of the shotgun approach we're after here. Targeted search is much better.

How do you follow up on digital leads?

Make sure to put a automatic email campaign up as soon as your leads enter your fold. That is, as soon as they give you their email address, there should be an auto-sequence of welcome emails that give them some value, introduce you and your product, and most importantly: Convince them why they can't live without having made a purchase from you.

What is the difference between visitors and digital leads?

In online marketing, a visitor (or guest or user) is someone who has visited your website or web shop, seen your Facebook post or your Google ad.

In other words, it's someone who has crossed your path in some way, but without showing any interest. In order for a visitor to move from being a visitor to being a digital lead, he or she must express interest in some way. They do this by giving you the opportunity to contact them.

The big difference between visitors and leads is whether you can reach them directly. Do you have their contact details? In digital marketing, that will almost always mean their email address, but it could also be the ability to contact them via social media or by phone.


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