ChatGPT course: How to choose the right one

ChatGPT is the new technology everyone is talking about. Artificial intelligence can help with a wide range of tasks and make everyday life easier for both individuals and businesses. But to get the full benefit of ChatGPT, you need to know how to communicate with it and ask the right questions. That's why a ChatGPT course is a good investment to learn how to make the most of the technology. But how do you choose the right course? Here are some tips on what to consider when looking for the best ChatGPT course:

chatgpt course

Choose from basic, advanced or targeted courses

ChatGPT courses come in different levels of difficulty and with different focus areas. Consider your knowledge of ChatGPT and what you want to use it for when choosing a course.

Basic course

A basic course is suitable if you are a complete beginner with ChatGPT. Here you will get an introduction to what ChatGPT is and how it works. You will learn how to ask simple questions and get useful answers. A basic course typically lasts 1-2 hours.

Advanced course

Choose an advanced course if you've already tried ChatGPT but want to improve. Here you will learn advanced techniques to guide ChatGPT and get more accurate answers. You'll also get inspiration for different applications. An advanced course often lasts a full day.

Targeted course

Some courses are targeted at specific disciplines or industries. For example, "ChatGPT for lawyers" or "ChatGPT in marketing". Here you get concrete cases and tools for your specific profession. Choose a targeted course to learn how ChatGPT can help you in your specific work.

Find a course that suits your learning style

ChatGPT courses come in many different formats. Consider how best to learn something new:

  • Online courses: Convenient if you want to take the course from home. Often with videos and the opportunity to practice. Provides flexibility.
  • Face-to-face courses: You attend in person and receive face-to-face training. Great for sparring, discussion and networking.
  • Workshops: Intensive training with a focus on practical exercises. Good for testing concrete cases in small groups.
  • Webinars: Online lectures with a trainer. Good introduction, but less hands-on experience. Inexpensive and time-saving.

Find a practical and up-to-date course

As ChatGPT is constantly evolving, it is important that the course is up to date. Check out the training material and find out:

  • Does the course use the latest versions and features of ChatGPT?
  • Do you get concrete practical exercises and examples? Theory is good, but hands-on experience is best.
  • Is the trainer engaged with ChatGPT and keeping up with developments? Or is the material outdated?

The more practical and up-to-date the course is, the more you'll benefit. Choose a course that keeps up with the times.

Research the trainer's experience

As with other courses, the experience of the trainer is important. Find out:

  • Does the trainer have practical experience using ChatGPT in a work context?
  • How much does the trainer know about ChatGPT - both technically and in terms of application?
  • Is the trainer engaged and up-to-date in the field? Are they actively following developments?

An experienced trainer who uses ChatGPT on a daily basis can give you the best knowledge and inspiring cases.

Get your questions answered after the course

It's not possible to cover all aspects and questions on the day of the course. That's why post-course follow-up is important:

  • Is it possible to contact the trainer afterwards if you have questions or challenges with ChatGPT?
  • Can you get help putting what you've learned into practice in your own everyday life or business?
  • Are there any additional materials or resources you can work with?

Good follow-up ensures you get the most out of your time and investment in a ChatGPT course.

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