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Color Hotel Skagen overtakes competitors in terms of visibility

Hotel Skagen

Color Hotel Skagen overtakes competitors after recently launched SEO strategy

Overtaking the competition

after implementing new SEO efforts

More visibility

due to greater focus on keywords

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Lots of balls in the air

Since May 2022, InboundCPH has helped create visibility for Color Hotel Skagen. Color Hotel Skagen is a 4-star hotel owned by the Norwegian shipping company Color Line, which offers conferences and parties, weekend and holiday stays.  

After a long period with corona, Gitte Skelly, Marketing Coordinator at Color Hotel Skagen, decided that all their digital marketing should be looked at carefully at the seams. But with many balls in the air, she needed help and sparring from outside, whyr she i.a. participated in an SEO webinar held by Henning Madsen - a webinar which kick-started the collaboration between Color Hotel Skagen and InboundCPH: 

“I'm the only one in marketing, so I'm all-around. And I have long had a desire to focus on the SEO part itself. But at the same time, I don't have much time to immerse myself in an area like SEO, which is very demanding. It is therefore great that we have specialists in the field" - Gitte Skelly

A purposeful decision that has yielded noticeable results

Gitte was determined that more visibility should be created around Color Hotel Skagen, including that they should rank higher on many more keywords: "In relation to the objective, Mark (Senior SEO specialist) and I agreed in terms of SEO that we should create more visibility and launch with many more keywords both in the top 3, top 10 and in the top 20. Because with this objective, in the long term, we would like to create more conversions.”

Since the beginning of the collaboration, it has only gone forward; Color Hotel Skagen has begun to rank high on many search terms and is even found on pages that were not visible at all to begin with: "It has progressed tremendously. Mark reports to me once a month, where we have a chat about pages, keywords and visibility. For example, I had some pages that I couldn't find in my searches on Google. And it turns out , that they have not been visible at all. They have become so now, and they have moved forward fairly quickly."

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Overtaking the competition

From the very beginning of the collaboration, Gitte had set herself the goal that she wanted to beat the competition on the market - a mission that has been successful to that extent: "We are measuring against some very specific competitors, and we are actually at the top of Google now."

One of the reasons for this overhaul is, among other things, that Color Hotel Skagen has started to work more with "North Jutland" in their searches than before, and therefore "they" reach out more widely: "For example, we would like to appear when you search for 'hotel with pool in North Jutland', where we have previously been 'only' focused on Skagen. So we are starting to get out a little wider.”

The collaboration

The collaboration between Color Hotel Skagen and InboundCPH

For Gitte, collaboration with highly skilled and competent specialists is paramount: “I am very keen on having good dialogue and chemistry. And when Mark came to Skagen, you could immediately tell that he was a person who speaks at eye level. So it has been easy and good communication, and that is hugely important when you have to achieve certain objectives. Direct speech, we like that.”


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