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This is how Blockbuster created growth-creating SEO efforts in the Nordics

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DKK 1,000,000

monthly revenue from SEO

200 %

more visitors from Google

5 years

successful collaboration

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From physical stores to digital streaming service

Many people know BLOCKBUSTER from the shops where you could previously rent movies and computer games. However, the stores are a thing of the past, because today BLOCKBUSTER is a pure streaming service with over 10,000 movie titles. After its launch in 2014, however, not many among the target audience associated BLOCKBUSTER with a streaming service.

On this basis, InboundCPH and BLOCKBUSTER entered into a collaboration at the end of 2015. With a tripled number of visitors, 81% more conversions and over 400,000 Nordic customers, BLOCKBUSTER has today managed to achieve a strong position on the Nordic streaming market. Among other things as a result of a successful collaboration with InboundCPH.



The aim of the SEO effort was to gain visibility against the established competitors on Google (Netflix and HBO), to increase awareness of BLOCKBUSTER in the Nordic countries and thereby ultimately increase the number of new customers.



Based on an analysis of the target group's search habits, we created over 1,000 new pages in several languages. An outreach campaign subsequently led to mention of BLOCKBUSTER on more than 300 websites. In addition, ongoing technical and strategic advice.



After five years of collaboration, the result is a tripling of visitor traffic from Google and 81 % more conversions. BLOCKBUSTER is today more visible on Google than Netflix and HBO and today has over 400,000 paying customers.


Today, SEO, with a monthly turnover of more than 1 million DKK, and it is clearly our most important channel.

I have to admit that I didn't know enough about SEO. But I am wiser today. As a manager, I have put together a team that considers SEO as part of our strategy. It has been a great learning because it is so important to our approach towards customers. Today, SEO with a monthly turnover of over 1 million DKK is our most important channel.

Casper Hald



The collaboration with InboundCPH has had a major impact on the economy of our other marketing channels.

There is no doubt that for us SEO has made a lot of sense. I had pretty high expectations for what it would deliver when we powered it up, and they have been met. Furthermore, the collaboration with InboundCPH – and the knowledge we have gained – has had a major impact on the economics of our other marketing channels.

Steffen Trannerup

Marketing Director


Greater insight and noticeable results

Watch the video where Marketing Director at BLOCKBUSTER, Steffen Trannerup, talks about the collaboration between BLOCKBUSTER and InboundCPH. The video was recorded in 2016 after a year of collaboration. We continue to collaborate today.

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