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We are a SEO agency in Denmark, based in Copenhagen. With more than 20 years of experience we are one of the leading Danish SEO agencies. Find out more about us and how we can help you below.


Danish SEO agency with 20 years of experience

We are a Danish SEO agency working with medium to large account clients in competitive markets. With more than 20 years of experience we are one of the leading SEO agencies in Denmark. Our main goal is to ensure our clients the strongest possible presence on Google through data driven strategies that we’ve perfected over the years.

SEO is based around four areas: platform optimization, content optimization, link building, and user signal optimization. In order for you to succeed in being in top of the search engines, we use a holistic approach across all these four areas.

Thorough work with SEO and Google Ads makes it possible for us to help you gain the strongest possible presence on Google with maximum return in regards to sales and leads. We can handle the entire SEO process from A to Z or we can assist in regards to more specific issues. Contact us by e-mail for a chat on how we can help your business.

Find out your growth potential

With our SEO Business Case you get an estimate of your economic potential for growth in Denmark with a targeted SEO strategy. In addition, we map your current market position on Google in comparison to your competitors and review the areas you need to prioritize to win the market.

The Business Case will answer your questions about where your current SEO state is, and in witch extent it is profitable to outsource SEO to an agency. The Business Case will also present specific goals for the work process, in order for you to have clear expectations and benchmarks internally and with your SEO agency.

Our work process

We have an individual and differentiated approach to all of our clients, but we do work by specific procedures, that suits most of our clients. Contact us for more information.

1. SEO Business Case
Prior to our work we prepare a Business Case, where your potential for economic growth and rentability with a targeted SEO strategy will be calculated. The Business Case will also present your current market position on Google compared to your closest competitors, and give you a review on what areas to prioritize.

The Business Case will present your current state of SEO and how much you profit from it, and if SEO is a profitable investment. This will also create the basis for specific goals for the work to be done, which also helps in terms of KPI’s and following results.

2. Kick off meeting
It all begins with a kick off meeting, where we decide on a strategy, a plan on how to act and specific goals we can navigate from. We secure that the goals are realistic and attainable and we evaluate throughout the entire process, so we maintain momentum and direction.

The foundation for our collaboration will be based on a kick off meeting and the learnings from the Business Case. To ensure maintaining a constructive and fruitful collaboration throughout the entire process a team with members from both parties will be established.

3. Analyses
SEO work can only be successful if based on valid knowledge about your audience, website, competitors and market position. Every successful SEO strategy therefore has to maintain a number of analysis. We generally work with four different analyses: keyword analysis, technical analysis, content analysis, and link analysis.

4. Quick-wins
If we find dysfunctions on your website in the beginning of our collaboration that can be fixed easily, we will give you specific guidance on how to fix this instantly. Quick wins could for instance be regarding load time, redirection and duplicated content.

These quick wins does not change the fact that SEO is a long term process, and that it can take months before you see the results from the work – no matter what SEO agency you work with. Our experience tells us that the biggest ROI is when we collaborate with clients for more than 12 months.

5. Executing
Our work progress is based on the strategy we make and will take place through four areas. The four areas are platform optimization, content optimization, link building and optimization of user signals. We do not necessary prioritize all four areas the same. We will look closely at your areas instead and decide witch areas to focus on to get the most profitable results.

6. Guidance and education
An integrated part of our collaboration is guidance and education. We believe that sharing of knowledge because it gives you a better opportunity to manage the tasks by yourselves, and because the results will be better if you take part in the collaboration as an active team player.

We will be in an ongoing dialog about your wishes in regards to maintaining parts of the tasks by yourselves with the goal of strengthening your SEO competences. If needed, we will hold seminars where we share our knowledge, specific strategies, methods and give you tools for you to use in your daily work.

7. Reporting
Once a month we will send a report containing documentation of our work and results. The reports will for example contain documentation about our work, your current position on Google, and your number of visitors on the website and following sales.

The content of the reports may vary based on the KPIs we have decided. The reports are based on the data from our analyzing tools as Google Analytics and SEMrush. Beside the reports we also send weekly statistics of your positions in Google.

8. Evaluation
Every three months we will be evaluating the results of our collaboration. These meetings will be based on those reports with documentation of our work and results that we have send to you.

We adjust our future work based on the evaluation in order for us be sure that we will reach the KPI’er. We can assure you that meeting our goals before time, doesn’t make us slow down.

About us

We are a dedicated Danish SEO agency with 12 full-time employees and more than 20 freelancers in five different countries. We work with SEO, Google Ads and Google My Business to ensure you the strongest possible visibility on Google and maximum profit in regards to leads and sales.

We achieve this via our framework based on a solid understanding of your business and products, your marketspace and the intent and behavior of your target audience. Working closely with our Google Ads team and digital marketing partners we create synergies between different digital marketing channels to ensure the most effective results.

We live by the success of our customers. From our offices in Copenhagen and Aalborg we have worked with one goal in mind for years: to ensure companies in Denmark – both big and small – success online through data driven SEO strategies.

We are proud of our collaboration with mid to large scale Danish companies as Spies,, Alm. Brand, Aller, Berlingske, Kamstrup, Trollbreads, ILVA, E.ON, AlfaPeople, Blockbuster, DFDS and Audi.

Contact us at for more information on how we can help you.


Ian Rosenfeldt

Founder & CEO

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Contact us by e-mail for a chat on how we can grow your business through Google Ads and search engine optimization.

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