A webinar is an online presentation held over the Internet in real time. In other words, it is an online event that connects one or more presenters with an often large number of participants via the Internet. Read more and get tips for organising a webinar here.


What is a webinar?

A webinar is a presentation held in real time over the Internet. The main function of a webinar is that a presenter conveys knowledge to participants who may be geographically located all over the world. It is often possible for participants to interact with the presenter through chat messages.

For example, webinars can be used to disseminate knowledge and to market a company. At InboundCPH we hold for example free webinars on, among other things SEO, where we share our knowledge with the participants, thus giving them the opportunity to get to know us better.

Example of a webinar.

Tips for a webinar

As a webinar participant, we recommend that you:

  • have a stable internet connection
  • arrive at the webinar via the link provided in good time
  • plug in your laptop during the webinar
  • uses headphones to improve sound
  • shuts down unnecessary computer programs during the webinar.

As a presenter for a webinar, we recommend that you:

  • have a stable internet connection
  • plug in your laptop during the webinar
  • use a good microphone or headset
  • uses a good video camera
  • have dialogue with participants via chat or polls.

Webinar systems

There are many different webinar systems. Among the more popular are:

It is no longer necessary, as in the past, to install additional software and special equipment.

It is an advantage if the selected software allows:

  • screen sharing
  • screen sharing and video sharing in the same screen
  • several simultaneous speakers
  • a high number of participants (100+)
  • chat function
  • polls
  • automatic emailing before and after the webinar.

How can webinars be used?

Webinars can be used successfully for many different things. As a participant, it can be both to boost your or an employee's knowledge around a specific topic. As the host of a webinar, it can also be with different goals in mind.

Webinar for learning

As a teacher, you can reach a wider audience of students, as they don't have to spend time and money on travel. Participants can access your webinar from anywhere, as long as they have internet.

Hosting a webinar also allows you to avoid costs related to conference room rental, food and other expenses, allowing you to charge less for the event and thus have more participants.

Many companies use webinars to train and update the professional skills of their employees. In today's fast-paced world, only those who keep up with the latest industry trends can succeed.

Webinar for marketing

Marketing is an area where webinars can provide the greatest benefit, as a webinar often helps you build a long-term personal relationship with your customers. If you can convey expert knowledge to participants on a given topic, they are often much more likely to trust you and thus to buy your products or services.

Frequently asked questions

What is a webinar?

A webinar is simply an online presentation held over the Internet in real time. You can think of it as a seminar over the Internet.

What webinar systems are there?

Among the most popular webinar systems are Zoom, BigMarker, GoToWebinar and Danish TwentyThree.

What does it cost to hold a webinar?

Prices for the most common webinar systems start at around 1,000 DKK per month. There is also a one-off charge for a microphone and video camera.


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