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  • google_analytics4_ga4
    GA4 migration
    Google Analytics Universal is closing and being replaced by Google Analytics 4. Today, being data-driven is an important part of e
  • Server-side GDPR
    Is Google Analytics illegal?
    Nervousness is rising among Danish companies due to developments in data law. For what to do now that Analytics may become illegal in
  • Google Ads blog post
    Performance Max - Google Ads new black box
    On November 2nd, Google launched their new Performance Max format. With a name that mostly evokes a dietary supplement that can be...
  • WP graphics compressed
    How do social media and SEO interact?
    SEO and social media (SoMe) are often seen as two separate marketing disciplines, each with their own value-adding objectives. SEO is a long-term s
  • cookies website
    The Danish Business Authority will not prioritise the supervision of statistical cookies
    On 15 October, the Danish Business Authority announced that it will no longer prioritise the supervision of websites' collection of simple statistics.
  • Tilde and Martino compressed
    Make your website faster using HTTP/2
    HTTP/2 is an effective way to make your website load faster - so if you're not already using HTTP/2, it's a great
  • Rich Snippets header image
    Rich snippets: the way to increased visibility and more clicks
    Rich snippets are additional information that appears in some of the search results on Google, such as reviews of a restaurant. If you add
  • Ease of use
    4 out of 5 companies are not ready for new Google update
    The new Google update (the Core Web Vitals update) is just around the corner, and an analysis by Resolution Media shows that 4 out of 5 we
  • Google_iphone
    The Quality Score calculation is now revealed
    It's always been a bit of a mystery how exactly Google calculates Quality Score (which affects how profitable and effective your Google A
  • blog-google-analytics
    Growth strategy
    When strategies are mentioned, it is often understood that they are about achieving growth. It is therefore also called a growth strategy.
  • blog-google-ads-advice
    Marketing Qualified Lead
    Marketing Qualified Leads or MQLs are leads that have shown interest in purchasing a product or service. In doing so, they have taken the first step
  • blog-above-paa-google
    Lead scoring
    Once you start collecting leads, it's important to know which prospects are the hottest and what you need to work on to generate
  • blog-above-paa-google
    Topic clusters
    A topic cluster is a way of organising content on a website. Read more about topic clusters here.
  • blog-remarketing
    PWA (Progressive Web Apps)
    Progressive Web App (PWA) is an open source initiative designed to ensure faster websites on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets)
  • blog-remarketing-1
    Remarketing is an advertising method that allows you to reach people who have previously interacted with your website or your app.
  • blog-pogo-sticking
    Website Migration
    Moving your website can have big implications for your search engine optimization (SEO) work. In the worst case, you risk losing
  • blog-above-paa-google
    Open Graph
    By implementing Open Graph Tags on your website, you can control how the website looks when shared on social media (Facebook, LinkedI
  • blog-mobility
    Structured data (schema markup)
    Structured data (also called Schema Markup) allows you to mark up content on your website (for example, prices and stock status of products
  • think-mobile-first
    Mobile-first indexing
    Google has announced that the mobile-first index will come into effect for all websites by March 2021. This means that content on your website (text, b
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