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We are a Google Certified and competitive Google ads agency with over 10 years of experience. We have executed successful advertising campaigns and created lasting results for companies throughout the Nordics. We are your path to growth via cost-effective, data-driven campaigns.

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Cost-effective Google Ads campaigns for B2B and B2C companies over 10 years.

We attract high-converting customers to your website via data-driven Google Ads advertising campaigns. We can manage and optimize your campaigns on an ongoing basis, provide professional advice and organize structured training courses.

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Maximum return, more customers

The Google Ads team at InboundCPH are passionate Google Ads specialists with a high drive to ensure success stories are created for our clients. We understand the challenges companies face and are skilled at translating them into a solid strategy with sharp priorities, a proactive and pragmatic approach and a close collaboration with customers that creates impressive results in a short amount of time. 

Our unique data-driven approach and methodology are tied together with our SEO efforts and create a natural synergy that ensures an optimal presence on Google. We help maximizes your return and creat more customers over time.

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Here's what our clients say


InboundCPH has taken our Google Ads campaigns to the next level and significantly improved our returns. Total revenue in Denmark and Norway has increased by 60 %, while our return on ad spend has improved by 47 % compared to last year. I did not expect such good results at all!

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From day one, InboundCPH has been fully committed to working with us. They are proactive and not afraid to challenge our habitual way of thinking. It is clear that InboundCPH are specialists in Google Ads and know how to create profitable advertising campaigns.

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With InboundCPH, we have a committed partner who meets us at eye level. Their analytical and data-driven approach ensures that our SEO efforts and Ads campaigns are in good hands, and that InboundCPH does their utmost to ensure that we as a customer achieve success with our marketing. And I really appreciate that!

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InboundCPH manages to build a good relationship, where knowledge sharing is paramount, and where the nerdy knowledge is translated into information we can act on. You can tell that InboundCPH knows that SEO and SEM can work miracles. Seeing our brand overtake the competition on Google is a real pleasure 🙂


Honesty, openness and a strong but never cocky belief in one's own value are qualities we really value at InboundCPH as a partner. They have never either oversold or undersold their services, but have been honest in both the expectations poll, the forecasts and the subsequent reporting.

Get an assessment of how we can best handle your advertising campaigns. Acquire specific knowledge and familiarize yourself with our company, so that you can better qualify us as your future Google Ads business partner.


Get started from DKK 10,000.

In a fixed collaboration with us, we dedicate a number of hours to handle, optimize and report your campaigns every month. Most customers pay a monthly fee from DKK 10,000. Click below to get a concrete estimate of your project.

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DKK 10,000

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Campaign analysis

To ensure a data-driven starting point for the work, we thoroughly familiarize ourselves with your company and any existing advertising campaigns.

Keyword analysis

We map your target group's search habits on Google and the keywords that can generate the greatest profit. We take into account click rates and competition.



Kick-off meeting

Based on the initial analyses, we determine a strategy, an action plan and concrete objectives that we can steer our campaigns towards.

Quick wins

Initially, our objective is to create quick gains. In other words: The greatest possible value for the least possible work effort.




We set up and optimize your campaigns on an ongoing basis (including ads, keywords, target groups, bidding strategies, etc.) to ensure the greatest possible profitability.


We provide ongoing advice and training that ensures that your employees can take over the campaigns in whole or in part, if you wish to do so.




We regularly report and set up a dashboard in Google Analytics that shows the results of our campaigns with a focus on our common goals.


We meet for ongoing evaluation meetings, where we discuss our efforts and results and agree on the efforts for further cooperation.


Certified experts

Maximize your online advertising efforts with the help of our certified Google Ads specialists.

We are proud to be a certified Google Partner. But we know that we are not necessarily the best for that reason. That is why we constantly strive to provide the best service and create the maximum benefit for your company.

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Shared knowledge and insights

Get the latest digital marketing knowledge



Online ChatGPT Masterclass - Elevated Understanding

Tuesday, December 5, 13:00 - 16:00

Welcome to our follow-up to the successful Basics Masterclass, which hundreds have already completed! "ChatGPT Masterclass - Elevated Understanding" online This course is for those who have a fundamental understanding of ChatGPT but want to take it to the next level. In this course, you will learn essential tools to integrate and utilize ChatGPT in your business in an efficient and seamless way. In particular, we will work with Plugins and Advanced Data Analysis. This course is your ticket to becoming part of the AI revolution.
NOTE: It is important that you have your own computer and access to ChatGPT Plus version 4.




Gamification in practice: Build effective campaigns offline & online

Thursday, December 7, 10:00 - 11:00 am

Kickstart your marketing with Gamification in 2024. In this webinar, our Partner and Head of Inbound Marketing, Philip Tovborg, and our Graphics, Video and Paid Social Specialist, Helena Eskildsen, will equip both marketing managers and specialists with the necessary tools and knowledge to implement gamification in their marketing plans. They will dive into the essence of gamification and its potential in both B2C and B2B contexts. You will learn how you can use gamification to create dynamic and effective campaigns that capture and hold the attention of your target audience. The two experts will share their insights on how to build a playful customer journey through creative and innovative game strategies.


Learn more about us

Which companies do you work with?

We work with both private companies and public institutions in virtually all industries. We have many years of experience with companies in both the B2B, B2C and e-commerce segments on Danish and international markets.

Which advertising platforms do you work with?

We are a specialized Google Ads agency that works with Search Ads, Display Ads (Google Display Network), Shopping Ads (Google Shopping) and YouTube Ads. We also work with Bing Ads for some clients.

How long does a typical collaboration last?

Most customers cooperate with us for several years because they want an ongoing investment in Google Ads. We can also handle campaigns with a limited duration, in which case the cooperation is adapted accordingly.

How involved in the work should I be?

We believe in knowledge sharing, because the benefits of the collaboration will be greater if you participate as an active and critical partner. That is why we are happy to share our knowledge and experience. You decide for yourself how much you want to commit to the work.

Do you have a fixed commitment period?

An ongoing collaboration typically has a commitment period of three months. The reason is partly that we want to ensure that the collaboration can be ended in a good way, and partly that there may be months when we prioritize a larger part of the budget, even if you pay a fixed monthly amount.

Get help from experienced Google Ads experts

Do you need help with Google Ads or are you wondering if it makes sense for your business to focus on Google Ads? Contact Partner & Head of Paid Peter Halling Hilborg to discuss your Google Ads project.

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