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An SEO competitor analysis can provide you with important knowledge about your competitors, their visibility on Google and their SEO strategies. Learn about our competitor analysis here and find out how we can help you with an SEO competitor analysis.

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What is an SEO competitor analysis?

An SEO competitor analysis is a comparison of your SEO efforts with a snapshot of the SEO efforts of your main competitors. Competitors are not necessarily the companies you are in direct competition with or the companies you consider your competitors on a daily basis. They can be any website that, for one reason or another, ranks well in search results.

Competitor analysis allows us to measure you directly against your competitors and gives us valuable insight into your competitors' strategies and practices. On this basis, we can design an effective SEO strategy for how you can become more visible on Google than your competitors.

Try our competitor analysis tool

With our free analysis tool, you can get a quick insight into your main competitors on Google and compare your SEO strengths and weaknesses.

Content of the competitor analysis

The SEO competitor analysis provides knowledge about:

  • who your main competitors are online
  • how much visibility your competitors have in search engines
  • what keywords and keyword phrases your competitors are being found on
  • what rankings your competitors have on the keywords in question
  • what messages your competitors are using in search results
  • who links to your competitors' websites
  • what strategies and methods your competitors are using.

The analysis gives us valuable insight into your competitors' strategies, methods and visibility, so we can draw inspiration and knowledge for our own work, and continuously measure and adjust our efforts accordingly. The competitor and market analysis typically includes both a keyword analysis and a link analysis of your competitors.

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