Remarketing is an advertising method that allows you to reach people who have previously interacted with your website or your app. This allows you to keep your audience interested in you and your products


What is remarketing?

Most users on your website leave without taking the desired action (e.g. a purchase). Remarketing allows you to show ads to users who have left your website or app, so you can keep their attention and generate renewed interest in your products or services.

These users are already familiar with you, so they are more likely to respond positively to your ads than to other forms of advertising. Conversion rates are therefore often correspondingly higher. You only pay when users click on your ads, in other words you only pay when users have a genuine interest in your products or services.

Advantages of remarketing campaigns

Whether your goal is to increase sales, boost newsletter sign-ups or increase overall brand awareness, remarketing is typically a highly targeted and very cost-effective form of advertising. The benefits of remarketing are many. You get:

  • Access to lost customers. It is rare to make a sale on the first contact with a customer. Remarketing allows you to show ads to users who have visited your website, so you can keep them interested in your business and generate renewed interest in your products or services.
  • Higher conversion rate. Your ads reach people who already know your brand, so they're more likely to respond positively to your ads. This leads to a higher conversion rate and a greater return on your ads.
  • Targeted advertising. Ads can be targeted segments of userswho have taken a specific action on your website (for example, viewed a particular product or added something to their basket without making a purchase). This way you get maximum value for your ad dollars.
  • Greater range. Ads don't just appear when your audience does a relevant search on Google. They can also appear on the more than two million websites and apps that are part of Google's so-called display network.
  • Greater brand awareness. Remarketing maintains customers' awareness of your company, increasing the likelihood that they will choose you the next time they buy a product or service.

How remarketing works

Remarketing is a form of advertising where your ads are shown to users who have previously visited your website. It is typically a very effective form of advertising because it allows you to influence users who are already familiar with your company and your products. We use Google Ads to our retargeting campaigns.

Remarketing ads can take many forms. It can be text ads or shopping adsthat appear in Google's search results, but it can also be text ads, shopping ads or banner ads that appear on selected, relevant pages among the more than two million websites and apps in Google's display network.

Targeted and effective marketing

Ads can be targeted to specific segments of users based on how users have acted on your website. For example, it's possible to show specific ads to users who have viewed a particular product or added something to their basket without making a purchase.

It is possible to combine remarketing ads with the demographic targeting in Google Ads, so that the ads reach the target audience more precisely. We can target ads based on age, gender and parental status, so you don't spend money on ads that don't have the desired impact.

The technology behind

Remarketing works by inserting code on your website that allows Google to place an anonymous cookie on your users' computer, tablet or smartphone. Each cookie contains an ID that identifies the user, but it contains no personal information such as the user's name, address or email address.

When a user subsequently makes use of Google's search engine or visits one of the many websites that are part of Google's display networkyour ads may be displayed to that user. We always set a limit on how many times a day the same ad can be shown to the same user, so the ads don't annoy the user.

Make your remarketing campaigns successful

At InboundCPH, we can set up effective and profitable remarketing campaigns based on solid knowledge and a solid foundation that is based on and in line with your business, your communications, your target groups, your sales supportyour landing pages and your SEO work. This ensures a consistent, effective and value-adding advertising campaign.

Through our remarketing campaigns, we ensure a stronger market position on Google, increasing your conversion rate, your sales and customer awareness of your business. We work in a targeted and documented way so we can constantly evaluate and optimise your campaign to increase your return on investment.

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Get help with remarketing

Do you need help with remarketing or are you considering whether it makes sense for your business to focus on remarketing? Contact Ian Rosenfeldt for a no-obligation dialogue about your ad campaigns.

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