Price for a keyword analysis

The price of a keyword analysis depends on the scope of the analysis. In this article you can learn more about our keyword analysis and get an estimate of what it will cost to prepare a keyword analysis for your business.


What does a keyword analysis cost?

The price of a keyword analysis depends on the scope of the analysis. An analysis that includes thousands of keywords in four different languages will naturally have a higher price than a keyword analysis that has a more limited number of keywords and, moreover, focuses only on the Danish market (i.e. on Danish keywords).

Contact us if you would like an estimate of the cost of conducting a keyword analysis for your business. In addition to the keyword analysis, we always hold a meeting where we review the analysis and give you concrete guidance on how to use the analysis and keywords in your further work. You can read more about the analysis below.

Keyword analysis content

A keyword analysis is an analysis of your target audience's search behaviour in search engines. The analysis provides knowledge about what your target audience is searching for, and therefore which keywords have the greatest economic potential. The analysis is based on the markets and languages your website targets. If your website targets a local audience, we refine the analysis with localised versions of all keywords.

Being found by your target audience is crucial to your success online. Your website should therefore be optimised for the same keywords that your target audience uses to find your products or services. The better we know your target audience's search behaviour, the more effective and targeted we can then be in linkbuilding and content optimization of your website.

The keyword analysis provides knowledge about:

  • how your potential customers act in search engines
  • which keywords and keyword phrases are relevant to your business
  • which keywords and keyword phrases have the best conversion potential
  • how many monthly searches there are for each keyword and search phrase
  • the competitive situation for each keyword and keyword phrase
  • what rankings your website has in search results.

The keyword analysis results in a prioritised list of the most relevant keywords that are realistic to work with within the budget you have available. Of course, we do not spend time on keywords that do not have a significant number of searches per month and keywords where the competitive situation makes a good ranking in the search results impossible.

During the process, we may engage in ongoing dialogue with you and other stakeholders in the company (for example, product managers, procurement managers, marketing staff and sales staff) to get input and comments on the list of relevant keywords and search phrases.

Includes all types of searches

In general, there are three different types of searches:

  • Information searches, where the user searches for general information and data. Accounts for approximately 80% of all searches.
  • Transaction searcheswhere the user is searching with the intention of taking an action (for example, a purchase or a registration). Represents approximately 10% of all searches.
  • Navigation searcheswhere the user searches for the name of a specific website or product. Represents approximately 10% of all searches.

Transaction searches and navigation searches typically have a high conversion rate, and it is therefore particularly important to be visible on these searches. Information searches typically have a lower conversion rate, but it often pays for you to be visible on these searches too, because you will then be in the users' minds when they later make a transactional search.

Our keyword analysis takes into account and includes all types of searches and search behaviour. We analyse both generic keywords (e.g. "cars"), which typically have a very high search volume but also a high competition, and specific search phrases (e.g. "Buy Audi A1") with a significantly lower search volume but with a significantly higher conversion rate.

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