Outgoing links

Outbound links are links from your website to other websites. They should form part of your SEO content optimisation work, as they can have a positive impact on Google's understanding and rating of your site.


What are outbound links?

Outgoing links (also called outbound links) are links on your website that link to other websites. Outbound links allow your users to read more about what you describe, increase user engagement, strengthen your credibility and send a positive signal to Google - provided you link to relevant, credible pages. The downside is that users leave your site, perhaps without returning.

The advantages outweigh the disadvantages, because users who have a genuine interest in your business are likely to return after clicking on the link. We recommend that you include outbound links in your body copy when it is relevant to your readers. This could include links to manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, information pages and more.

Avoid linking to your competitors and avoid linking just for the sake of linking. The link should have real relevance to the page you are linking from and it should be relevant to your readers - for example, because it provides additional information on the topic or supports your selling points.

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