Operational SEO webinar

Why is my page not ranking?

You know how you've done everything you can think of, but your site still doesn't rank as well as it should on Google? I do, and I've tried it many times before. In the webinar, I'll explain the methods we use at InboundCPH to identify the reasons why a page isn't ranking better, and what you can do to improve your position on Google.

The webinar is for those who already have a good handle on SEO, but need concrete knowledge on how to take your SEO efforts to the next level. Therefore, you will not get a complete overview of SEO, but will be presented with a number of concrete solutions for advanced users.


10:00 - 11:15



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About the webinar

According to a study by FDIH 8 out of 10 Danes start a planned purchase by searching for information on Google, and in 2019 the total Danish online trade was worth DKK 146 billion, according to Danish business. Danes search Google over 8 million times - every single day.

On the webinar I give an insight into the different SEO elements, for those who already know how to base SEO. So it is a prerequisite that you know what title tags, meta description, H1 and keywords etc. are. You're at a place where you feel you've come a long way with SEO, but still aren't managing to get those good rankings.


Inspiration for your SEO strategy

We give you an understanding of the behaviour of Google users and how to target your SEO strategy to them.


Methods to diagnose causes of poor placement

Here's how to find out what challenges you face in gaining those good Google rankings.


Inspiration for TF-IDF and topic clustering

Then you will be introduced to different tools for TF-IDF and an introduction to topic clustering strategy.


7 SEO tips

Henning Madsen gives his 7 best tips on how to get your site to rank.


Henning Madsen

The webinar will be led by Head of SEO Henning Madsen. With professional passion, humour and commitment, he has worked and taught for 20 years with one goal in mind: to ensure the success of businesses - large and small - across the country through insight-driven, data-driven strategies.

The customer portfolio includes digitally ambitious companies such as Spies, Jem & fix, Aller, Berlingske, Kamstrup, Oticon, Trollbeads, ILVA, TV2, Stylepit, Blockbuster and DFDS.


What participants say


Super important and exciting communication of the areas of action I need to prioritise. At Berlingske, we are seeing increasing demands from our advertisers, and by strengthening our SEO efforts, we can ensure them a higher return on their campaigns.


Professionally solid seminar. Easy to understand and good metaphors. Thank you for taking the time to answer questions - and for keeping the number of participants at a level that ensured there was room for immersion and interaction.


Super seminar at eye level with a good progression. The new survey showing when it makes sense for us to address SEO so that efforts are prioritised correctly and profitability is highest was very interesting.


Operational SEO


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Get in touch

Have questions about the webinar or wondering if it makes sense for you to attend? Contact Henning Madsen to discuss the webinar.

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