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The best SEO hacks for your content strategy

Content Marketing is an effective way to start the dialog where the interest is. But you can't say content without saying SEO. And vice versa. Both are deeply dependent on insights about what information your potential customers are looking for before they are ready to convert. Often the consumer is at different points in their buying journey and needs help, education and information before making a decision. This is where the right communication and content can help you meet your customers at eye level. Much of this information can be obtained through the right SEO hacks

Speaker Henning Madsen, is co-founder of InboundCPH and Head of SEO. Henning was one of the first in Denmark to work with SEO and has been advising Danish and international companies since 1997.




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on-demand webinar

About the webinar

Access our on-demand webinar where you can get tips and tricks on

  • How to identify relevant content spaces
  • What tools should you use to write good content
  • How to choose which keywords to "go for"
  • How to adapt your content strategy to the user's mindset
  • How to create engagement with your content

Who is it for?
This webinar is aimed at both seasoned content marketers and those who want inspiration on how to get started with an insightful content strategy.


Welcome and short introduction


How do you select the most valuable content themes?

Which tools do we use to find themes and which ones do we use to write content? When Google says that the length of your content is not a ranking factor, should you trust it? Our analysis shows that there is a clear difference in the length of content depending on keywords and intent.


How do you adapt your content strategy to the consumer's mindset?

It covers navigational, informational, commercial, transactional and support searches. RankBrain is an SEO metric that helps Google understand where users want to go with their searches, and we will therefore go through how to create good content with RankBrain.


How do you create engagement with your content?

Get tips and tricks on how to create engagement on your pages to optimize the user experience and increase understanding of your content and pages.


Which tools can make all the difference

As part of the last part of the agenda, we will go through the writing processes and look at how you can optimize your texts as well as a presentation of the tools we use for text optimization.


Conclusion and possible questions


Henning Madsen

The webinar will be led by Head of SEO Henning Madsen. With professional passion, humour and commitment, he has worked and taught for 20 years with one goal in mind: to ensure the success of businesses - large and small - across the country through insight-driven, data-driven strategies.

The customer portfolio includes digitally ambitious companies such as Spies, Jem & fix, Aller, Berlingske, Kamstrup, Oticon, Trollbeads, ILVA, TV2, Stylepit, Blockbuster and DFDS.


What the leaders say


Super important and exciting communication of the areas of action I need to prioritise. At Berlingske, we are seeing increasing demands from our advertisers, and by strengthening our SEO efforts, we can ensure them a higher return on their campaigns.


Professionally solid seminar. Easy to understand and good metaphors. Thank you for taking the time to answer questions - and for keeping the number of participants at a level that ensured there was room for immersion and interaction.


Super seminar at eye level with a good progression. The new survey showing when it makes sense for us to address SEO so that efforts are prioritised correctly and profitability is highest was very interesting.


The best SEO hacks for your content strategy


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If you have questions about the webinar or are considering whether it makes sense for you to attend. Contact Henning for a dialogue about the webinar.

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