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Dynamic marketing: Maximize the impact of your ad dollars

Demand varies across the month, days of the week, hours, holidays, weather, etc. The idea behind Dynamic Marketing is to capture demand when it is there and where there is the greatest likelihood of a conversion. Join our webinar and learn how to get the most out of your ad dollars using dynamic marketing.




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on-demand webinar

About the webinar

If you are in charge of a marketing budget or simply curious about dynamic marketing and how it can add value to your business and maximize the return on your advertising dollars, then this webinar is for you.

Access our on-demand webinar where you can learn about

  • What Dynamic Marketing is
  • Why Dynamic Marketing is important for your marketing
  • How to find your product's key marketing moments
  • How to work with algorithmic bidding


Welcome & short introduction of InboundCPH and Predictify


Dynamic Marketing in context

Break the world down into moments that can boost your marketing.


From hypothesis to algorithm

Which moments exist and which ones need to be created


Real life case

How others do it and how it works


Practical implementation

How do I use macro data in my marketing


Conclusion and possible questions

We review the questions we have on an ongoing basis


Lasse Clarke Storgaard

 Lasse Clarke Storgaard is the naughty boy in the class. Like Kristian, he has worked for the largest media agencies for 15 years, but has also worked for Google and Telia in his early youth. Now he is a Partner and joker at InboundPCH, where he sets the strategic direction for our biggest customers.

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Kristian Vejborg

Kristian Vejborg is one of the heavy hitters in the use and development of advanced analytics. With a past at Denmark's largest agency groups and the world's largest furniture company IKEA, he has shown that he is able to develop and implement tools that activate data in marketing. Kristian is Co-Founder of the company Predictify.


Dynamic marketing


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If you have any questions about the webinar, please contact Lasse Clarke Storgaard

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