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How to turn data into business insights in Google Analytics

The world of data is changing almost overnight, and it is confusing for many companies. As a result, many companies give up on having a correct, legal and effective tracking strategy. But it's actually neither confusing nor difficult if you ask us. Watch this webinar and get an understanding of how an effective tracking strategy can create great value for your business.




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on-demand webinar

About the webinar

It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or an expert. Everyone can join us. The webinar is aimed at those who want to understand how to turn data into business strategy and create value based on the right data.

Access our on-demand webinar where you can get tips and tricks on

  • How to have an effective tracking strategy
  • How to comply with GDPR in your tracking setup
  • How to structure your Google Analytics
  • How to read your data correctly
  • How to turn data into business insights
  • How to future-proof your data setup


Welcome and short introduction


Intro to tracking

Here I talk about what tracking really is and why it is important to be able to turn your data into business insights. In addition, I talk about different tools that are used today and how these are connected.


Stop breaking the GDPR law and get your cookies under control

Out of the websites I review on a daily basis, 90% is currently breaking the GDPR law. Therefore, I will elaborate on what the problem is and how you can easily solve it before it's too late. Most people do not realize that they are breaking the law on their website. In addition, we will talk about future-proofing your cookie pop-ups in line with the development of the data law.


Review of Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most powerful tools for monitoring and analyzing traffic from your website. Here you will learn how to read your data correctly in Google Analytics. We will go through the 10 most important areas in Google Analytics that are a must for a company to have in its setup.


Advanced tracking

Here you will be briefly introduced to the scope of the possibilities of data tracking today. Many people do not realize how great the opportunities actually are in these areas and how they create value with the right tracking.


What do we do at InboundCPH?

Here I will tell you a bit about how we at InboundCPH ensure our customers' data setup and data maintenance.


Conclusion and possible questions


Alexander Kobberø

 The webinar will be led by Data & Tracking Manager Alexander Kobberø. He is responsible for data and tracking for all our customers at InboundCPH. With cutting-edge expertise in Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Cookies, data collection and almost everything in tracking, the webinar participants are in safe hands. This is Alexander's first webinar, and InboundCPH's first webinar where we share our great expertise in tracking. A unique opportunity to gain insight into a complicated but essential area of development for most companies.

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How to turn data into business insights in Google Analytics

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Get in touch

If you have any questions about the webinar or tracking related questions, please contact Alexander Kobberø.

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