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Google Ads agency in Aalborg

InboundCPH are experts in Google Ads and can help your business generate relevant traffic to your website using cost-effective ad campaigns. We work closely with your business to create the most value for your bottom line.


Leading Google Ads specialists

We are a Google Marketing agency specialising in Google Ads and SEO. We secure more customers and growth for your business online through bespoke Google Ads campaigns, based on your target audience's search behaviour on Google.

An integral part of our cooperation is professional advice. We can also organise structured training courses for selected employees, so that you can strengthen your skills internally in the company and eventually take over the campaigns yourself, if that is what you want.

When we work with Google Ads, we help companies on both a strategic and operational level. We can take care of the ongoing setup, management and optimisation of your Google Ads campaigns, as well as helping with data collection in Google Analytics.

You can choose InboundCPH to manage your Google Ads campaigns if you wish:

  • growth with an ambitious growth strategy
  • more sales, customer referrals, downloads, subscriptions or similar.
  • optimisation and adjustment of Google Ads for greater yield
  • better interaction between Google Ads and SEO
  • to become more experienced in Google Ads - to eventually take on the task yourself
  • visibility in new markets.

We have collaborated and trained staff across Denmark. We also offer solutions and workshops in your local area around Aalborg, Frederikshavn, Skagen, Sindal, Hobro, Hadsund and Thisted.


Campaign analysis

To ensure a data-driven approach, we thoroughly understand your business and any current advertising campaigns.

Keyword analysis

We map ad-relevant keywords that can generate the highest return. We take into account the click price, competition and your website's current position on Google for each keyword.



Kick-off meeting

Based on the initial analyses, we define a strategy, an action plan and concrete objectives to steer our campaigns towards.

Quick wins

Our first focus is to create quick results and proof of concept. In other words: The most value for the least resources.



Setup and optimization

We continuously set up and optimise campaigns (including ads, keywords, target groups, bidding strategies, etc.) to ensure you the highest possible profitability.

Advice and training

We provide ongoing advice and training to ensure that you have the opportunity to take over all or part of the tasks, if that is what you want.




We report regularly and set up a dashboard in your Google Analytics that shows the development of the collaboration with a focus on our common goals.


We meet for regular evaluation meetings, where we discuss our efforts, their results and agree on the efforts for further cooperation.



Here's what our clients say


InboundCPH has taken our Google Ads campaigns to the next level and significantly improved our returns. Total revenue in Denmark and Norway has increased by 60 %, while our return on ad spend has improved by 47 % compared to last year. I did not expect such good results at all!

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From day one, InboundCPH has been fully committed to working with us. They are proactive and not afraid to challenge our habitual way of thinking. It is clear that InboundCPH are specialists in Google Ads and know how to create profitable advertising campaigns.

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With InboundCPH, we have a committed partner who meets us at eye level. Their analytical and data-driven approach ensures that our SEO efforts and Ads campaigns are in good hands, and that InboundCPH does their utmost to ensure that we as a customer achieve success with our marketing. And I really appreciate that!

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InboundCPH manages to build a good relationship, where knowledge sharing is paramount, and where the nerdy knowledge is translated into information we can act on. You can tell that InboundCPH knows that SEO and SEM can work miracles. Seeing our brand overtake the competition on Google is a real pleasure 🙂


Honesty, openness and a strong but never cocky belief in one's own value are qualities we really value at InboundCPH as a partner. They have never either oversold or undersold their services, but have been honest in both the expectations poll, the forecasts and the subsequent reporting.

Certified experts

We are a Google Partner

We are proud to be a certified Google Partner. But we know that we are not necessarily the best for that reason. That is why we constantly strive to provide the best service and create the maximum benefit for your company.

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Learn more about us

Is Google Ads always a wise investment?

Most businesses can benefit from investing in Google Ads. But not everyone. We always consider whether Google Ads is the right marketing channel before we start working with you.

What are the benefits of having an agency handle Google Ads?

Creating and optimising Google Ads campaigns is a resource-intensive and time-consuming task. It requires a dedicated effort, and the cost of learning it yourself can be expensive. Therefore, in many cases, it is a cheaper and better to involve an agency in whole or in part.

What is it like to work with you?

We specialise in Google Ads, but you know your business and your objectives. That's why it's important for us to work closely with you throughout the process. We use transparent working methods so you can follow the results.

Where geographically do you work?

We handle Google Ads campaigns for companies throughout the country, including North Jutland around Aalborg, Frederikshavn, Skagen, Sindal, Hobro, Hadsund and Thisted. We are also present in Aarhus, Copenhagen and Odense.

What platforms do you advertise on?

We specialise in Google marketing and work across all Google platforms. We work with a wide range of ads within Google both Search, Display and Shopping.


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Need help with Google Ads or wondering if it makes sense for your business to focus on Google Ads? Contact Ian Rosenfeldt to discuss your options and potential.

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