Marketing strategy

A marketing strategy is an action plan on how your business can achieve maximum visibility in the market and the most customers. The best marketing strategy is data-driven and determined by analysing previous marketing initiatives, including competitors' positioning and initiatives.


What is a marketing strategy?

Your company's marketing strategy should include all your company's marketing objectives. Only when these are written down is it possible to make a plan for how you would like to achieve these goals. The aim of the strategy is to promote your goods or services so that you make a lot of sales.

It is important that your marketing strategy is based on market research. A strategy without data is not worth much. You need to research the market with data that can confirm which path is best to move towards. For example, it could be the target audience you are targeting.

The marketing strategy can help you identify the most attractive customers and understand their needs. With that information, your marketing will be much sharper and targeted at the most profitable audience, in terms of how to communicate to them, which channels to use, etc.

Your marketing strategy is long-term

The marketing strategy is the company's very long-term strategy, which deals with the overall ideas of how the company will be promoted. That is, when you plan it, you are looking ahead, not necessarily just one year - it can move much further into the future.

Under the marketing strategy, the overall marketing plan, which is the planning to ensure that the goal of the company's marketing strategy be achieved.

A marketing strategy has the basic goal of achieving a competitive advantage, which is also often referred to as a competitive advantage.

An example of this is the company Ferrari, which has a reputation well for producing cars that hold a high value. In other words, they have a good USP. The reason why Ferrari has this reputation and lives up to it is no coincidence. It has been a very long-term strategy for this company to position itself in the market as this type of provider.

Marketing strategies

Most companies (if not all) want as much visibility as possible, to make as much money as possible. To make money, you usually need to market your products or services - so it goes very well together.

We've put together an overview below of possible ways to market yourself. Depending on your budget, industry, etc., some options may be more beneficial to your business than others.

Examples of marketing strategies:


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