LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn can be said to be a social media for business. With a user on LinkedIn, you can make yourself visible for professional purposes, compared to the social media Facebook. LinkedIn advertising allows you to sell your products through LinkedIn, collect leads, etc.


4 facts about LinkedIn

  1. LinkedIn is a social media that was founded on 5 May 2003
  2. LinkedIn's CEO is Jeff Weiner
  3. LinkedIn's headquarters are located in Mountain View, CA
  4. LinkedIn has 8700 employees

LinkedIn as a medium

The big difference between LinkedIn and Facebook is that LinkedIn is generally used more professionally. You won't see holiday photos, wedding pictures and various status updates about your "friends'" everyday lives in the same way on LinkedIn.

Instead, you'll find that LinkedIn users behave more professionally on the medium. They are at work when they go through their feed and look at the content with professional eyes, as the feed is usually filled with industry news, job postings, trends, etc.

One of the great advantages of LinkedIn is that it allows you to reach decision-makers more directly.

What is LinkedIn advertising?

As with other media, you can also use LinkedIn to advertise. If you wish to contact B2B customers, LinkedIn advertising may be the right choice.Your ads on LinkedIn are exposed to users even if they haven't requested it. Thus, LinkedIn advertising can be categorised as push marketing in that you pay LinkedIn to display your ads to their users.

Advertising on LinkedIn exposes your content to users who may be highly relevant to you, but who may be hard to reach on other media.

If your company is not visible on LinkedIn, you are missing out on 1.4 million Danish professionals who use LinkedIn, where there should be some who are interested in your product or service.

Benefits of LinkedIn advertising

The benefits of using LinkedIn as a B2B company to run ads are many. Some of the benefits of LinkedIn advertising are obvious, such as targeting capabilities and the ability to better reach B2B audiences compared to other platforms.

New members are joining LinkedIn all the time, so almost regardless of your industry, your audience on LinkedIn will grow, making LinkedIn advertising increasingly effective.

In particular, LinkedIn advertising in the form of lead ads is effective, so if you as a B2B company have not gotten started with it, then you should get started! The potential is huge.

Disadvantages of LinkedIn advertising

There are always pros and cons that need to be weighed up to assess whether an activity like LinkedIn advertising is a good investment. One of the disadvantages of LinkedIn advertising is that click-through rates are expensive - typically quite a bit more expensive than Facebook advertising and Google Ads.

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