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A link analysis is an analysis of all inbound links (links from other websites) to your website. Read about our link analysis here and find out more about how we can help you prepare it.


What is a link analysis?

A link analysis is an analysis of all inbound links (link references from other websites) to your website. A link analysis provides an overview of your current link profile so that we can develop a concrete strategy to increase your visibility through linkbuilding. It is important that you have a natural link profile with the right distribution of links and link types - otherwise you risk being penalised by Google.

The most important factor in how high your website ranks in search engines is the quantity and quality of links pointing to your subpages and your website. A link can be seen as a recommendation of your website, and links therefore give search engines a credible indication of how good and relevant your website is. A top ranking in the search engines therefore requires that your website has a solid link profile.

Link analysis content

The link analysis provides knowledge about:

  • who links to your website
  • who has previously linked to your website
  • which content on your website is linked to the most
  • which anchor texts are used on the inbound links
  • how authority is distributed on the incoming links
  • how the distribution of link types is on the inbound links
  • whether there are inbound links pointing to non-existent content.

The analysis results in a plan for how we can strengthen your existing link profile, how we can acquire new quality links and how we can disable any links of questionable quality. At the same time, we will draw up a plan to optimise your website in other ways, including how to ensure that visitors are not directed to content and sub-pages that do not exist.

We also analyse the link profile of your nearest competitors to capitalise on their link strategy and to learn what it takes to outperform them. We combine a number of the best link building tools, such as SEMrush, Ahrefs, Open Site Explorer and Link Research Tools, to ensure optimal and accurate results.

Includes all link types

In general, there are two different types of links:

  • DoFollow-linksto which search engines attribute a positive value.
  • NoFollow-linkswhich search engines do not assign a value.

DoFollow links are common links. Search engines interpret them as a recommendation of your website, and they are therefore given positive value. NoFollow links are links with a small piece of code that alerts search engines to disregard the link. Links from social media and discussion forums are typically NoFollow links, as this prevents irrelevant links that are only inserted to gain link value.

It is important that you have a natural and versatile link profile consisting of both types of links. A link profile consisting only of DoFollow links is unnatural and suspicious, and is likely to be interpreted negatively by search engines. Our link analysis takes into account and includes both types of links.

Contact us to learn more about the link analysis.

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