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Learn more about Google Shopping and how you can use the ad platform to attract more ready-to-buy customers to your webshop. Read more below.


What is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping is an advertising platform for webshopswhich allows you to promote products with image, price and product name directly in search results (see image example below). Customers can decide on your products and prices before they even click on your website, so you only pay for leads that have a real and genuine interest in buying your products.

Shopping ads often have significantly higher conversion rates than regular Google Ads text ads, and Shopping ads are therefore typically a very profitable and cost-effective form of advertising. But success depends on ads being set up, monitored and optimised in the right way.

Google Shopping Ads

Advantages of Google Shopping Ads

The benefits of Google Shopping are many. Google Shopping gives you:

  • Increased traffic. Most companies we work with experience a significant increase in click-through rate (CTR) when we use Shopping ads instead of (or in combination with) text ads.
  • Higher conversion rate. Your audience will see your products and prices already in the search results, so they are more likely to make a purchase when they come to your website. In other words, shopping ads put your target audience at the bottom of the purchase funnel.
  • Easy campaign management. Shopping ads are not displayed based on predetermined keywords, but based on your products and your product specifications. This means that your ads automatically appear in the searches where they are most relevant to customers.
  • Greater visibility. Google Shopping makes your business and products more visible in search results, so you reach more customers. It's possible to display multiple Shopping ads in a single search, and it's also possible to display a text ad at the same time.
  • Effective reporting. You can continuously see how effective and marketable each of your products is, and we can use this to continually optimise your campaign to increase returns.
  • Know your competitors. Google Shopping allows us to gain greater insight and knowledge about your competitors, so we can effectively position, prioritise and tailor your campaign and advertising activities to them.

Guide to Google Shopping

Google Shopping is like Google Ads based on payment per click, also called PPC (Pay Per Click). You therefore only pay if a user finds your ad interesting and clicks on it. You have full control over the campaign budget, i.e. how much money you want to spend on your campaign, and we can show the ads at the exact times when they generate the highest return.

Shopping ads appear at the top or right-hand side of Google search results when a user makes a purchase-related search. Google displays an image of the product, a product name, a price and a link to your website. Your ads may also appear in Google's image search and on a number of websites associated with Google, such as YouTube.

It's possible to display Shopping ads and text ads simultaneously to increase your visibility and make it easier for users to find the product that matches them best. Example of Shopping Ads display:

Google Shopping Ads

Tips for your product feed

Google Shopping campaigns are based on a so-called product feed, which is a list of the products in your webshop. Google uses the product list to automatically create your ads and to determine which searches the ads should appear on.

So we can't predetermine exactly which keywords your ads will appear on, but it's vital for ad visibility, conversion rates and your costs that the product feed is optimised for your market and target audience. This will help you avoid wasting money on ads that don't lead to purchases and maximise the return on your advertising budget.

Create Effective Shopping Campaigns

We can create effective and profitable Shopping campaigns based on a solid knowledge and foundation that is based on and aligned with your company's marketing, communications, audiences and sales support. We create synergies between your activities to ensure consistent and effective communication and a highly value-adding advertising campaign.

Through Google Shopping, we ensure a stronger market position in Google, increasing your sales and your audience's awareness of your business. We have deep insights into your customers' search behaviour, which enables us to ensure that ads appear on the most relevant searches. We continually evaluate and optimise ad campaigns to ensure you get the highest possible return.

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